Food Tok’s new trend: Grilled cheese and tomato soup

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It’s safe to say Food-Tok has taken our kitchens by storm with us buying buckets loads of feta and tomatoes and stuffing our faces with one stop tortilla wraps. However, once again TikTok has worked its magic on one of the comfort food’s of everyone’s childhoods: cheese toasties and tomato soup.

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Cheese toasties and tomato soup. It’s one of those foods where everyone has a love for it. As it reminds us on our childhood in some form. Whether that’s sick days off from school being cared for or the memory of coming in from the cold with a bowl of warmth sitting at the dinner table waiting for you.

It’s a staple in our recipe books that screams comfort.

A lunch that everyone has their own way of doing, their own choice of cheese, to Branson pickle or not to pickle. Do you go for Heinz or Campbell? Or do you just push the boat out and get gran’s homemade? Always the best choice if you’re asking me.

Well, all our choices and little flourishes that make our comfort snacks are positively mundane sitting next Food-Tok’s newest creations.

The new viral trend sees your gran’s classic getting turned on its head. From creating cheesy dippers to dunk in your soup to cutting up into sandwiches then pouring the soup over in a dough ball, dumpling situation. 

Image Credit – TikTok

This trend has seen many TikTok chefs flaunt their skills and put their own personal spice on the classic. One in which coined by popular internet chef, @thejoshelkin. Controversially named the grilled cheese tomato soup moist maker. Now I can’t lie to you  I did cringe at that name.

This is where Josh soaks a piece of bread in tomato soup and sandwiches it (quite literally) within a grilled cheese; to give the perfect tomato dunk in every bite. 

He also shows a key tip for toasties in general – If you want your cheese to be melted all the way through, add some water to the pan and cover it to achieve ultimate melt factor.

Now, these trends have received some playful backlash, that these attempts “to improve “ a classic are messy attention grabbers or in some case slanderous to the cheese toastie community. Have you not got your membership yet…?

However, this new trend on a classic is adding a bit more fun into lunchtimes and letting your inner child relive a childhood memory that so many of us have. So, I dare you don’t listen to your mum, and play with your food.

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