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It’s been a week since Love Island has rightfully reclaimed its spot on our TV screens, and it’s been a little dry if we’re honest. This is to be expected though – our islanders are settling in, getting to know each other, and… are already spitting food in each other’s mouths, going by last night’s challenge. Seems like they ignored our pleading

If you’re not quite up-to-speed or need some recapping, Brig is here to break it down for you! Consider this your warning though, there are spoilers up ahead!

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Last Monday, our 11 islanders moved into their home for the summer, and, in true Love Island style, picked their first bedmates. It didn’t take long for our newly made couples to get up to their usual tomfoolery: Hugo and Sharon ignored each other for the first few days, Brad made a sharp U-turn with his feels for Faye, and Aaron and Shannon moaned about how they had no real chemistry.

To be fair, Shannon had been completely honest about this from the get-go, stepping forward for none of the boys. But Aaron’s bravery was astounding, as he ignored the girls who actually were interested in him , and beelined for the one who wasn’t… Shannon.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the twists started, and the first text of the series chimed through. But it wasn’t a text at all, instead choosing to prove how truly annoying voice-notes are. Doing her best phone-sex operator impression, new islander Chloe asked all the boys on a date and proceeded to take on the role of Mrs. Steal-Your-Man… and your place in the Villa, as she sent Shannon packing. Though she was only there for 2 days, so maybe she didn’t unpack at all.

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This move proved pretty divisive to viewers, who called for her to be brought back during Casa Amor or directed their frustration at Chloe and her somewhat grating voice. It seems the show’s year-long hiatus led many viewers to forget the point of a bombshell islander – one who stirs things up with no idea of the repercussions. Shannon admitted on last night’s Aftersun that she believes Chloe does have a game plan, though admits herself that it is a game show and it’s expected for people to play the game. With that being said, anyone who sends Chloe hate is a weirdo and forgets just how important these islanders are to the show. I mean, hello?? Both series five’s Maura Higgins and series four’s Megan Barton-Hanson were both the ICONS of their seasons after their surprise entrances.

Love Island have since released a statement calling for people to be mindful and kinder after this barrage of hate, and many agree. However, something must be said for the lack of responsibility taken by Love Island themselves. I mean, this comes after they asked Brad to kiss the islanders he found most and least attractive, which saw his partner Faye not only getting pied, but insulted. This was probably the first scene of the series that made me actively cringe, and I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t more drama. Probably because there was no time, as TWO NEW ISLANDERS ENTERED THE VILLA!

23-year-old “Cuddles-and-hugs” Chuggs Image Credit: ITV
21-year-old Liam. No, that’s not a typo. Image Credit: ITV

In comes 21-year-old Liam, a bricklayer from Wales, who said he had his eyes on Kaz before entering. He’s kinda pursuing Faye though, and she seems quite smitten, considering she’s sacked off Hugo after about 30 minutes. Liam was accompanied by 23-year-old Chuggs (government name: Oliver), who runs a bucket hat business, from Surrey. He wasn’t quite as successful as Liam as, after Friday’s re-coupling, he ended up in the bottom two with Brad after the rest of the Villa paired off. Of course, there had to be a twist in store, as 29-year-old Rachel walked in as yet another bombshell – just when I thought I’d finally remembered everyone’s names.

She definitely made some heads turn, and is the oldest of the islanders, looking for someone ‘to go through life with’. Aw!

Brad seemed pretty blown away by her, and I was worried his complete inability to form a sentence would going to pose an issue in any potential grafting. Chuggs, on the other hand, was also in for a shock, considering he had his sights set purely on the blondes of the Villa. Surprisingly though, Brad somehow managed to hold a conversation last night, while Chuggs has apparently established himself as ‘trustworthy’. I don’t quite know what Rachel’s seeing, as someone who sells bucket hats and wears their crocs in sport-mode doesn’t quite scream hubby material – but I suppose it’s up to her.

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Naturally, Love Island couldn’t end Sunday’s episode with a straightforward answer, instead keeping us hanging on to see who exactly Rachel plans on choosing. People seem pretty split between Brad and Chuggs, but I’m quietly confident she’ll go for Brad. She did say her type was tall, dark, and handsome, and he fits the bill. I’m just hoping he didn’t bore her to death over the past weekend.

As for the rest of the islanders, will someone PLEASE tell Kaz and Liberty to escape these men before it’s too late?! I’m living for these besties, but I know they’re going to get their hearts broken. Both their lads, Toby and Jake, have admitted their heads could easily be turned, yet neither has the balls to tell them. Mr. Commitment Issues himself, Toby, even said he knows Kaz likes him more than he likes her. But instead of stopping her before it’s too late, he’s continuing to string her along… BRB, might have to send a secret message over the Villa walls telling her to RUN.

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

I kinda love Sharon and Aaron, though I’d love the producers even more if they would turn their mics down when they’re kissing. They’re the only ones who really seem to have chemistry, while everyone else is pretty dry. Chloe and Hugo are now in a friendship couple, à la Alex and Samira. This is probably for the best, as Hugo needs that boohooMAN sponsorship, after being sacked from his PE teaching gig. Turns out talking about shagging on a road doesn’t do bits for your CV… Noted.

Who knows what will unfold next week: I’m expecting new couples, more pointless challenges and… hopefully some drama. Pretty please?

Check back each Monday for Brig’s breakdown of that week’s drama!

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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