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This week, the Love Island Villa has seen fights, tears, break-ups, make-ups, and quite a few new arrivals. Luckily, Brig is here to help re-cap the past week, but warning: there are spoilers up ahead!

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Last week ended with Brad and Chuggs going head-to-head for Rachel’s affections – and keeping their place in the Villa. But it was Brad who had her sold, so we said goodbye to Mr. Bucket Hat, and hello to a full bedroom!

However, it took maybe 24 hours before everything crumbled, when it was clear that what Brad had sold Rachel was a dream. He almost immediately pied her off, after telling her to talk to the other lads in the Villa. At first, I thought it wasn’t that deep – he was simply saying she shouldn’t limit her options if she didn’t want to. But, Brad has used the same line a few times now, and Rachel knows she’s been mugged off just for a spot on the show. You can’t be after dark features completely breathless over Rachel one day, then be chasing after blonde hair, leggy Lucinda the next (though more on them later!). You do you, but perhaps don’t play someone two days after they’ve entered the villa?

We also had our first real bust-up, after the islanders played the classic “How well do you know your partner” game – though the name’s not so catchy!

Hugo hit a nerve with Faye and Sharon after saying fake-ness is a turn-off, just after they admitted to the work they’d had done. The girls were angry because it felt insensitive, while Hugo was somewhat oblivious to the problem but became emotional after a little confrontation. This non-issue seemed to have split viewers, with more people angered by Sharon and Faye’s approach. And truthfully, I’m torn! I don’t think anyone is in the wrong here. It’s clear Hugo didn’t mean to offend or insult the girls, but I can imagine it played into a few opportunities. I mean, they’re on a show where they are expected to be glamorous and gorgeous, not only because they’re judged by the Villa, but by the entire nation. I do think it was misplaced anger, but there’s still weight to what they said.

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While we’re on the topic of Hugo, I have to say… there seems to be a lot of love for him online. Much of Twitter is rooting for him to win. Last week I made a slight comparison to series 4’s Doctor Alex, and it continues. People rooted for Alex because he was an underdog and he struggled to make connections, and I suppose the same could be said for Hugo.

But no one in the Villa has made a super-strong connection, and truthfully, I’m struggling to really root for any of them. I feel like I’m missing something everyone else is seeing with Hugo, similarly to how I did with Alex. Sure, he seems nice enough, but he’s not offering entertainment, just another side character to others in the show.

Even now, when so many girls are single, he doesn’t seem to be pursuing anyone. The only chats he’s having are with the lads, or when he delivers freshly cut pineapple to the rest of the Villa. I know he’s a schoolteacher but I feel like he’s missed the assignment. You’re meant to be finding your own love, not playing cupid. Again, maybe it’s just me, and maybe he’ll grow on me, but for now, I just don’t see it!

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24-year-old Millie. Image credit: ITV

As mentioned, Lucinda and Millie joined, and have definitely shaken things up. It seems like they turned everyone’s head, though who’s really surprised? What’s mad to me is that many of them are so quick to fully write off the situation with the girls they’re currently coupled up with.

Brad is headstrong that he and Rachel aren’t compatible when previously she was the only one who’d interested him. Aaron has decided he’s completely over Sharon and she wouldn’t fit into his life on the outside. It’s just approaching two weeks of knowing these women and yet they seem so sure. I just hope they don’t end up regretting it later down the line.

The girls both picked a selection of lads to cook them dinner, and I thought it was actually pretty hard to guess which ones they’d favour. In the end, Lucinda seemed most smitten with brad… and they were cute to begin with. But after a convo with Faye, Lucinda sounds like she’s got the ick – seems that taking on the role of househusband two days after meeting someone doesn’t win their heart.

Unless they’re Aaron, that is. Maybe Brad could do the cooking, cleaning, and childrearing while Aaron manages his events. Besides, Brad’s always changing his type, so maybe Aaron really could be the one…

Aaron and Lucinda date, with Hugo and Millie nearby. Image credit: ITV

Something was surely in the water, as this was the week many of our couples cooling things off. I actually thought Faye and Liam could be sweet, but it’s over as soon as it began. They went from having a good bit of banter to… arguing about cheating and cats. Liam’s date with Millie was a different story though. He actually had some chat – but was it just me who got the ick? Both he and Millie were laying it on a bit thick, and it’s only gotten worse as the week went on. No one is denying their clear sexual chemistry, but does it go any deeper than that? I just don’t know if I could see them sticking with each other, or whether it’s just a bit of fun instead.

I kinda got red flags from Liam once he told Faye he would hopefully have a partner in 5 years, but it wasn’t cemented in his plan. Now, I am a bit of a stickler for the rules, but surely the entire point of a show like Love Island is to find a partner you can actually visualise a life with. So could Millie be that person? suppose we will see.

Chloe put the moves on Toby, after all the boys revealed they’d pick to partner up with her if not with their OG girls. She went all-in by snogging him in the ‘Line of Booty’ challenge, and while her loyalty could be questioned, her bravery certainly can’t.

Toby questioned his relationship with Kaz, and the boys very very quickly agreed he should pursue Chloe. While I think it sucks to see him hurt Kaz, all’s fair in love island and war, I suppose. However, ending it with her and then promptly pulling Chloe a mere half-hour after is a different story.

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When they both confronted Kaz and let her know, they pushed for her to react. But Kaz was right – what DO they want her to say? She’s already been mugged off enough by having to beg for Toby’s affection, and she’s not the type to scream and shout. I feel like everyone wanted a big reaction from her so they could help shift the blame, painting Kaz with the angry black woman trope, as they did with Yewande and Leanne. While I’m kinda gutted Toby and Kaz seem to have ended things, I’m glad she’s giving him nothing.

She saw the red flags, and continues to be good vibes. In last night’s episode, Chloe and toby slept outside on the daybeds together – granted, they both admitted they didn’t sleep much. I still don’t know if I’m sold on them though… again, there seems to be a lot of lust between the two, but I honestly think both of their heads will be turned.

The only person who’s not in lust, however, is our dear Liberty, who confessed to Kaz she thinks she’s falling in love with Jake. This comes after her two day no-touch rule and his potential grafting of Millie. Jake argued that the new girls arrivals were the test he needed to know if he wants to pursue Liberty. I’m not suggesting he should be wifing her up after just two weeks, but surely you know if you’re sold on her or not – you don’t need to be tested, you just need to commit to something.

I’m hoping Lib doesn’t get her heartbroken but with Casa Amor coming sooner rather than later, there’s the possibility Jake will switch up on her. Throwing around the dreaded “I’m happy, but could I be happier?” is always a terrible sign, and they’ve been the famous last words for a lot of Love Island couples. If it does go downhill for Lib and Jake, at least she’ll have her girls. Maybe her and Kaz could even couple up. I say give them the £50k now.

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Luckily though, new man Teddy has joined the cast. The 26-year-old financial consultant from Manchester says he’s down to cause a bit of a stir and wouldn’t mind stepping on a few toes.

He got sent on dates with Kaz, Rachel, Sharon and Faye and all of them are interested. He’s keeping his cards pretty close to his chest, so who knows who he’s interested in, but Kaz and Faye were their typical selves.

Rachel and Sharon confuse me though; Rachel, because she’s been MIA ever since Lucinda walked in and stole Brad’s attention, and the only scenes of Rachel we saw were her crying softly in a corner somewhere. And Sharon, because what is she actually doing? Aaron sacked her off the second it seemed other girls were interested, but they aren’t and so now he’s come back.

I know we’re all guilty of going back to that lad who’s messed us around, but how are you snuggled up to him in bed on national TV? Granted, she did say she would still be down for a cuddle and a kiss, though wouldn’t take him back. But how does she expect someone like teddy to truly get to know her if he sees her all wrapped up with the man who has very publicly pied her off?

I know it’s only been a day, but I’m enjoying the energy Teddy brings to the villa. More importantly, I’m enjoying his banter with the boys, and kinda sticking it to Brad. The lads have definitely become far too comfortable in the Villa, and none of them feel particularly threatened by one another or the possibility of being dumped. Jake even told Teddy, after he threatened to steal Lucinda from Brad’s clutches, “the boys will always be there, and you have to remember that!”. But the girls aren’t disposable either. Maybe teddy can be the one to show them how to play it right. This is Love Island, not Friend Island after all.

Plus, while it’s the boys’ choice at the recoupling tonight – we know how fast things can change in the Villa. The girls will be picking next week, and the boys run the risk of being left out to dry if they continue how they are. That, or maybe Teddy really will steal all their girls. He’s already got four of them vying for his attention. Watch out, Brad!

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We end this week with most complaints directed at the producers. One of the reasons viewers are struggling to really attach to this year’s cast is because the show lacks personality. Rather than watching manufactured drama or brief challenges, I want to see the islanders laugh and joke with each other, I want to hear more of them in the beach hut. I want to listen to them repeatedly reference TikToks and do weird dances.

That’s what made previous series so fun. Instead, it feels like we’re just waiting for the next episodes, after being promised something big all week. There was no recoupling this Sunday, so we’re left speculating, despite them teasing it in the past few episodes. It’s getting boring having all these storylines and additions being dragged out, rather than them just airing it in the episode. Don’t they know I have an article to write?

Check back each Monday for Brig’s breakdown of that week’s drama!

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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