Love Island 2021: Who’s entering Casa Amor?

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If you’re a fan of Love Island, then you know Casa Amor is where shit goes down… And where the show gets a lot more interesting.

For those of you who don’t know, Casa Amor is where all your fave couples go to die. Okay, maybe not all of them. But it definitely throws a spanner in the works. It’s a completely second Villa, where our current islanders split off from their couples and meet a bunch of new faces, all of them with hopes of making their way into the main house. At the end of the week, our islanders can choose to stick – to return to their previous partner, or to twist – and couple up with someone from Casa Amor, sacking off whoever they were previously with.

It typically produces the most iconic moments in the series: Kem choosing Chyna over Amber, Georgia being LOYAL, Dani and Jack reuniting, and of course… Ovie Soko. But what will it mean for this year’s cast? It’s time to meet our Casa Amor islanders…

The Girls

Image credit: ITV

1. Clarisse Juliette

The basics: Clarisse is a 23-year-old influencer from London.

Says she always gets what she wants. Famous last words.

Interested in: Teddy, who she says is “tall, confident and smooth”.

Find her on Instagram at @clarissejuliette.

Image credit: ITV

2. Lillie

The basics: Lillie is a 22-year-old trainee accountant from Newcastle.

Her best feature is her feet, apparently. At least she knows her audience.

Interested in: Jake, of course. Though she says Liam is a close second.

Find her on Instagram at @lillie.haynes.

Image credit: ITV

3. Salma

The basics: Salma is a 20-year-old model and influencer from Dublin.

She says it’s all about energy for her. She might have a tough job with our Islanders.

Interested in: Who knows.

Find her on Instagram at @salma.naranx.

Image credit: ITV

4. Amy

The basics: Amy is a 28-year-old performer from Surrey.

Describes herself as a girl’s girl, but not when it comes to stealing their men.

Looking for: it depends. She says she’ll figure out who she likes once she meets them.

Find her on Instagram at @__amyday__.

Image credit: ITV

5. Mary

The basics: Mary is a 22-year-old model from Leeds.

She’s already imagining her and Liam’s babies. Talk about keen.

Interested in: Liam, duh. Though Teddy and Toby are options too.

Find her on Instagram at @mary_bedford.

Image credit: ITV

6. Kaila

The basics: Kaila is a 28-year-old international DJ from Dublin.

Says her friends would describe her as ‘very energetic, outgoing, hardworking, independent, caring and loving’. Humble too, I imagine.

Interested in: We’ll have to wait and see.

Find her on Instagram at @djkailatroy.

Meet the girls here. Credit: Love Island

The Boys

1. Dale

The basics: Dale is a 24-year-old barber from Glasgow.

He’s a self-confessed ‘massive geek’. Hope he doesn’t introduce himself like that.

Interested in: Faye, as he likes her attitude.

Find him on Instagram at @dalehuncho.

Image credit: ITV

2. Medhy

The basics: Medhy is a 24-year-old American footballer from Luton.

Speaks 4 languages, but does he speak the language of the girls in the Villa?

Interested in: Kaz, who he’s ‘very similar to’. But he finds Millie cute too.

Find him on Instagram at @medhymalanda.

Image credit: ITV

3. Sam

The basics: Sam is a 23-year-old maintenance engineer from Blackburn.

Says he can’t wait to get in there and meet the lads. He does know he’s here to find love, right?

Interested in: we’re not sure!

Find him on Instagram at @samjacksonn.

Image credit: ITV

4. Matt

The basics: Matt is a 26-year-old marketing consultant from Belfast.

Doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but says he has big feet. Not Jake’s type then…

Interested in: he says he’ll see when he’s in there!

Find him on Instagram at @mmacnabb.

Image credit: ITV

5. Jack

The basics: Jack is a 26-year-old racing driver from East Sussex.

Believes you don’t need big muscles to come on Love Island, just ‘blue eyes, a good job, and a bit of chat’. We’ll decide that, thank you.

Interested in: Chloe.

Find him on Instagram at @jackcbarlow.

Image credit: ITV

6. Harry

The basics: Harry is a 24-year-old car salesman from Glasgow.

He’s the show’s first Tinder admission. More on this here.

Interested in: Kaz, Faye, and Millie. Quite a line-up.

Find him on Instagram at @harryyoung_.

Image credit: ITV
And your boys… / Credit: Love Island

So now you’ve met our new islanders… what are your predictions? How many heads will be turned? Who will stick and who will twist?

Check back each Monday for Brig’s breakdown of that week’s drama!

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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