Love Island 2021: Couples clash ahead of Casa Amor

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It’s been a long week in Love Island world, as things heat up and islanders come and go. If you’re also struggling to keep track, then have no fear: Brig’s here to remind you of the past week’s drama. Consider this your warning, there’s spoilers up ahead!

Last week’s recoupling. Image Credit: ITV

Love Island left us last Monday in the midst of a love triangle, albeit quite short-lived. Both Danny and Aaron were fighting for Lucinda’s attention, and she reaaaaally didn’t know what to do. Luckily the general public could help with that decision, as a vote for least favourite islander left her, Chloe, AJ, Danny, Toby and Aaron at risk of being dumped from the island.

Of course, producers couldn’t give us all the power, so left the islanders to vote off one boy and one girl, meaning we said goodbye to both Danny and AJ. There was no point in them unpacking last week, but off they went into the sunset, where they will inevitably scrap any potential relationship they pretended to have in the Villa. Adios!

Their beds weren’t cold for long though, as Georgia, Tyler and Abigail entered the Villa.

Good girl Georgia. Image credit: ITV
Lawyer looking for love Tyler.
Image credit: ITV
Tattoo artist Abi. Image credit: ITV

28-year-old Georgia entered Love Island with Hugo in her sights, saying she’d exhausted all other ways on how to meet people. Surely, I feel there’s got to be some alternative to thrusting yourself onto a national reality TV show, but clearly not. In true Hugo-style, though, he wasn’t interested and promptly shut her down.

Everyone’s joked he’s just here for the school holidays but it’s getting lazy. He offers minimal entertainment value but keeps getting voted in. People are quick to pigeonhole him as a man without options, but that’s not true. Three girls have made themselves available to him: Sharon, AJ and Georgia.

Each time he argues he has nothing in common with them, despite repeated acknowledgements from both him and the other islanders that he barely talks to them romantically. Every shot of him is either lounging by himself or laughing with the lads, even worse, him standing lonely in the challenges with no one to snog.

I feel he’s far too comfortable in a friendship couple with Chloe, thinking his ‘gut’ will present his perfect girl before him. And, dare I say, he and Georgia could’ve been a great match – but I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be.

26-year-old Tyler had more luck than her though, as he seems to have charmed Kaz and they’re progressing well. Some people fear there’s a chance he is just playing a game though: he admitted when he went in that the competitive part of Love Island interests him, and he already knows Kaz is a fan-favourite.

I just hope he hasn’t gone in to bag himself a spot in the finale, and that he does actually have an interest in her. It sparks a bigger question on why producers allow entrants to watch Love Island before going into the Villa – I know it helps them keep up with the drama, but surely it would lead to skewed results somewhere?

Image credit: ITV

It was 27-year-old Abigail who created the biggest stir with her entry to the Villa, as Toby gave us all whiplash when his head was turned. Chloe seemed just as shocked, which is funny considering he did the exact same thing when she gave him attention. But as Toby and Abi got closer, the rift between him and Chloe grew, finally coming to a head at the recoupling this week.

The latest recoupling. Image credit: ITV

As you can see, Toby switched up and picked Abigail, leaving Hugo to save either Georgia or his bestie Chloe – and I’m sure you can already guess how that went. Of course, Hugo saved Chloe, but not before delivering a scathing, yet iconic, recoupling speech.

In true teacher style, Mr. Hammond reprimanded Toby in front of the group. Talking about how Chloe deserved better and how the lack of transparency in the Villa was getting too much. So, then we said another bye-bye to Georgia, and hello to new Villa drama!

The beef between the boys had both the islanders and the public torn: but I think it’s easy to see both sides. An on-going problem with Toby has been his complete lack of communication, and his inability to take responsibility for how he hurts the girls he partners up with.

One thing I wholeheartedly agree with Hugo on is the idea of these ‘tests’. The people who enter the Villa aren’t just obstacles to challenge you, they’re people.

Every islander in there has feelings, desires, and needs that get tossed aside when part of their couple decides they want something else. Toby did this with Kaz, and now he’s doing it with Chloe – there’s a difference between playing by the rules of Love Island and treating women like they’re disposable.

He blames this on never having a relationship, but on his entry, he flexed getting mad girls but never committing to them.

If you’re aware of these issues, then why go on a show to find love? And why expect a woman to fix you and smooths out these flaws, when you barely have enough patience to see if your relationships with them will last?

With that being said, Hugo can’t chat sh*t at the fire pit then expect Toby to be all rainbows and smiles afterwards. Again, there’s something to be said about the lack of communication going on – because Hugo absolutely could’ve spoken to Toby about how he felt long before that moment.

Those of you with a keen memory will remember he even encouraged Toby to ditch Kaz, because life’s far too short to stay coupled up if you want someone else. You can’t pick and choose when this behaviour is appropriate, and surely Hugo must know that he’s done nothing but enable this.

Just like he has to know that preaching about family after trashing someone in front of all their friends, while blatantly ignoring a girl who had genuine feelings for you, does not scream the values you’re so desperately seeking from someone else.

In case you want to relive the iconic recoupling moment… / Credit: Love Island

As it stands, nothing has been truly resolved between the boys. Toby and Chloe smoothed things out, and she told him to crack on with Abi. Which he did, sharing smooches with her in bed. But the question remains whether Toby and Hugo can make amends, or if they’ll need some family therapy booked for once they both get out… Guess we’ll have to see.

Jake and Lib made their return, after getting surprisingly little screen time, as Jake finally asked to make things official. He treated Liberty to only the finest magnetic Amazon bracelet – but I can’t lie, it was a pretty sweet gesture. After roping in the rest of the Villa, Lib said yes to being his girlfriend, and her confession of love accidentally slipped out.

But Jake didn’t actually say he loves her back, and something is… off. I don’t know what it is but it’s just not hitting for me. Jake never offers Liberty that much reassurance, nor does he seem that interested. I know we only see a glimpse of their time together, but I’m not sure. I can’t be the only one who doubts his intentions, right?

Naturally, producers had to leave the week on a dramatic note, as yet another public vote meant Faye and Teddy or Lucinda and Aaron were up for a dumping. I say it every week, but I adore Teddy and Faye, so the fact they got fewer votes than Chloe and Hugo is boggling to me.

Thankfully though, they managed to stay, meaning Lucinda and Aaron walked out last night for the final time. Lucinda looked gutted, but I’m not sure if that’s because her Molly-Mae dream has come to an end, or if she’s dreading reuniting with Brad, Aaron and her supposed boyfriend at the airport…

Luckily though, the islanders won’t need to mourn their loss for too long, as 12 new islanders are right around the corner.

Quite literally. Because Casa Amor begins tonight, and this is when everything hits the fan. But, who’ll be joining our current cast? Luckily Brig has broken it down for you.

It’s going to be a busy week for the islanders, so buckle up, and get ready to learn a bunch of new names and faces. I wonder who’s going to be loyal, babes?

Check back each Monday for Brig’s breakdown of that week’s drama!

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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