Love Island 2021: Brig re-caps Week 8 ahead of tonight’s final

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Week 7 ended will yet another fan vote – this time allowing the public to vote for whichever couples fellow islanders deemed least compatible: our options were Mary and Aaron, Faye and Teddy, Liberty and Jake, and Priya and Brett.

Of course, it was time for Priya and Brett’s very brief stint in the Villa to end, so they were shown the door.

Considering she could barely tolerate a 3-course meal, I’m sure Priya was dreading being stuck next to Brett for the plane journey home. But she couldn’t just leave quietly – no, Priya had to go and tell Faye she never voted for her and Teddy. Thanks a lot.

Hurricane Faye hits once more. Credit: Love Island on YouTube

This set the ball rolling for yet another Villa argument, as paranoid Faye could just not let it go.

It’s so clear to me that Faye does not trust anyone, and the second that trust is questioned, she shuts down – it’s happened with Teddy, Dale, Jake, and now Millie, Kaz and Lib. Obviously, no one wanted to vote their friends as least compatible, but I get how it must feel personal when those she opens up to seemingly betray her.

If we’re honest, it’s clear Love Island isn’t the show for her, and I don’t think it’s been a healthy choice for her. But here she is in the last week, and I still think this show pushes her for a reaction – because, surely Pri knew she would get mad, right?

Faye wasn’t the only one fuming at the vote though, as Aaron also kicked off over who voted for him and Mary. Once he found out Kaz and Tyler voted for their couple, Aaron had a good old shout at them from across the Villa. Mary didn’t do much but laugh, and, I can’t lie, so did I.

I don’t think we’ve ever had a Villa so dramatic and argumentative in it’s final days. You’d have thought these lot would be used to the secret voting by now, but apparently not.

It was all happy families by the time of the talent show, another very sad and sorry part of the final week.

Jake and Lib did their very own Grease tribute act, Teddy gave me the ick, Millie’s piano recital made Liam fall in love, and Faye… Honestly, I cringed so much I had to turn the TV down, so who knows what she said? I just know it wasn’t good.

If we’re honest, all of the final week traditions are terrible filler – because, up next was the baby challenge.

I don’t know who thought that listening to screaming babies (and adults, let’s be real) would make for a good 50 minutes, but it’s possibly my least favourite episode of every series.

I think the only part I enjoyed was Faye jumping into the wardrobe, shouting ‘my baby’s a prick!’. For once, that shouting was deserved.

Aaron and Mary somehow did really well, and as a reward, they were dumped from the island! Okay, it didn’t quite happen like that, but the public vote quickly made them the least favourite couple and so they left the Villa.

I feel sorry for Aaron, because after all that shouting at Kaz earlier in the week, it only took Mary about 48 hours to friendzone him on national TV. She said on Aftersun last night that they’d see if it actually goes anywhere, but that she’d definitely made a best friend. Not sure that’s the aim of the programme, but oh well.

So, not only did they miss out on a place in the final, but also on the fancy final dates Love Island always do.

Faye and Teddy were up first, getting a big pool filled with petals. I can’t lie – standing there, fully dressed, eating a stale croissant is not necessarily something I’d get out of bed for.

Teddy did ask Faye to be his girlfriend though, and, thankfully, she said yes. It was actually a sweet moment, and I’m glad we got to see their growth as they stuck by each other.

Image credit: ITV

Kaz and Tyler’s date was a bit nicer – they knew how much Kaz loves rom-coms, and gave her a Bridgerton-themed dinner, complete with a castle and live orchestra. Though their relationship status didn’t change, they’re still just exclusive, I’m glad they’re going at their own pace.

Okay, but can Tyler bin this hat? Image credit: ITV

I feel like so many people have just disregarded Kyler from the race, all because Tyler brought Clarisse back from Casa Amor. But he’d only known both girls for 4 days, and came right back to Kaz when he could.

There’s clearly a strong connection between them, and I think they have a pretty solid chance at making a go of things when they come back to the UK – at least their lifestyles match up, which is more than can be said for a few other couples.

Kaz is also the first black woman to make it to a UK Love Island final, something that cannot be overlooked and comes complete with its own challenges. But Kaz is one of the most genuine and purely loved islanders we’ve seen in recent years – everyone who leaves says they love her, and so many women have been inspired by her at home.

But, of course, while Kaz was away, the rest of the Villa would begin to crumble.

Maybe not the whole Villa, but definitely just Jake and Lib. We’ve seen Jake sort of snap at Liberty throughout the series, and I think many of us have noticed the lack of real affection or appreciation on his end. It seems like Lib has noticed it now too, as she breaks down to Faye, saying Jake doesn’t love her and she’s unsure if they can be together, or in the Villa at all.

She had yet another heart-to-heart with Jake, something I’m becoming increasingly tired of, but this time was different. There was no sweeping under the carpet, no “but yer my gorlfriend, Lib”, just a sense of apathy towards the whole thing. Jake didn’t fight for her, or with her, but just kind of accepted it was over.

The worst break-up of the series: Lib and Kaz. Image credit: ITV

They decided to go on their final date, though, because why waste the date of a lifetime? It was weird seeing them sit at such a distance, without any real sense of warmth.

As the only couple who’d been together from the beginning, that separation between them was obvious: something had definitely changed, and they wouldn’t be going back – to each other, nor to the Villa.

I mean, they went back to the Villa, but only to pack their bags and say goodbye to their mates. Jiberty was no more, and they’d decided to leave the Villa instead of taking up a place in the final four couples.

Many people think this was pushed for by the producers, which could very much be the case. I don’t think we’ve ever had a break-up this close to the final, but I’m glad they had the sense to go rather than drag out a relationship that had dried up.

I really felt for Lib, but it was also clear how much she’d grown throughout the 8 weeks she spent in the Villa. Seeing her talk about how she didn’t want to change or compromise for a love she wasn’t sure of, how she’s deserving of more and so is Jake, was a really sensible and raw thing – I can’t imagine going through that on national TV too.

As for Jake, who knows what to make of it?

I don’t think he’s some mastermind game-player, who purely entered the Villa for the chance to steal the £50k prize money. I just think he doesn’t know how to communicate, and that, admittedly, he was less into her as she was into him.

It’s clear his nit-picking and lack of reassurance is what broke her down in the end, all of which Jake has to work on. I just hope he gets some solid support now he’s left the show – surely ITV can throw in some free therapy sessions, right?

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, as Liam and Millie still had their date to come.

They lucked out too, getting a romantic candlelit dinner, accompanied by a flock of flamenco dancers. It seemed the most intimate out of the dates, as they both finally dropped the L-bomb. Dare I say they’re running before they can walk, as they’re still not boyfriend and girlfriend… But who cares, I guess, they’re kind of cute anyways.

One date was classy… / Image credit: ITV
While the other looked like a kid’s birthday party. / Image credit: ITV

The final date of the group’s was Toby and Chloe, who had some weird Alice in Wonderland tea party. I’m not sure what the relevance is, but whatever.

I was kind of expecting Toby to finally make Chloe his girlfriend – his first ever girlfriend, at that. But alas, they spent most of the date lipsing rather than talking. I still can’t get over how quickly they’ve became fan favourites – let alone how much I like them, considering I really didn’t in the beginning.

Final week also means family time, as our islanders got to reunite with their loved ones. It went as expected: Liam’s dad is a DILF, Teddy’s brothers hate Faye, Chloe’s family is pretty posh, and Tyler’s parents love Kaz. The only thing that did shock me was Toby’s tears, and Chloe’s, and my own… I think this series has broken me.

But for real, it’s nice seeing our islanders come out of this reality TV bubble and truly see how proud they’ve made everyone at home. Even if most of their families have seen them shag their significant others on the telly.

Image credit: ITV

So, this is it: our final four. Only one of these couples will be walking away as fan favourite, with £50k they either share or steal. Other series have been pretty easy to call, but this one is not so clear. My prediction is Faye and Teddy come fourth, Kaz and Tyler third, Chloe and Toby second, with Millie and Liam coming in number one.

It’s no secret I’ve been championing Teddy and Faye from the beginning, but I’d like to see Kaz and Tyler or Chloe and Toby win. Kaz and Tyler are very sweet and clearly pretty loved up, while Chloe and Toby have made this series actually watchable. Without them, it would’ve been endless arguments and breakups – though they had their own fair share of them.

I do think Millie and Liam will sweep up the top spot though, they seem to be the fan favourite (read: Fiat-500 favourite). Liam’s misgivings seem to have faded into the background, and while I can’t look past them, the couple do seem very happy and very affectionate. Plus they’ll probably need that £50k for petrol money if they’re going to be back-and-forth from Essex to Merthyr.

Thankfully, it’s not long until we find out, as the Love Island final is on tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured image: ITV

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