Captain Accident: Bad Press album review

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Captain Accident has released his fourth new record Bad Press.

Opening track Not the End of the World begins with a long introduction that gives a nostalgic vibe. This makes his reggae genre familiar.

Best Shoes is upbeat and a song that would be played if everyone wanted a dance. The drum rhythm maintains a positive sound throughout.

Playing Field is very similar to the opening track of the record. However, the tempo is much slower and deeper, providing a relaxing beat.

Wings and the previous track are also alike. The backtrack is very soothing whilst still providing an upbeat tone.

Miami Incoming is the first track that is quicker in tempo. The bridge of the track provides his strong vocals with a powerful guitar solo that comes next.

This leads into Run Rabbits Run, a track with an enticing chorus.

Image credit: Ian Cheek Press

Ride My Own Path begins with vocals straight from the off.

The lyrics are encouraging for anyone with the undertone of a guitar and drum calmly mixing with each other. Towards the end, these pick up in tempo adding to the overall happy theme in the track.

Putting Up a Fight begins with a strong guitar solo. The end becomes emotive as he is appealing to someone who has potentially hurt him.

Dark N Stormy has a very unique sound as it uses the rare wooden guiro which mixes with the guitar. The vocals kick in again providing a tune of joy.

The closing track Wake Me Up has a background of a psychedelic sound that flows into the track. The rhythm continues as another fantastic guitar solo is heard.

A piano is heard which is the perfect way to round off this record.

Bad Press is available on all music-streaming services now.

Featured image credit: Captain Accident on Instagram

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