Newton Faulkner: Interference (of Light) album review

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Newton Faulkner released his new album Interference (of Light) last week, this record has been much needed and could not have arrived at a better time.

This album overall is one in which would be played throughout the summer with its upbeat tunes.

Opening track Sinking Sand begins with a loud beaten drum crashing that maintains throughout as it collides with Faulkner’s guitar.

This is definitely a track that would be heard on a hot summer’s day.

Cage makes Faulkner’s vocals more noticeable as a song that gets straight to the point and gets the listener intrigued as to what else is due to come.

This leads into Back which also shows off the vocals as he tends to be more high-pitched showing his range. This is one of the more soul tracks in the album.

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Riding High is one of the tracks that one would dance to. Each track has a wave of positivity which is rare to find, this made each track more enjoyable.

This has a tint of jazz, encouraging the listener to go and get what they want.

Next is Four Leaf Clover which has a drop in tempo and is gospel-like as if there is a choir supporting Faulkner- very effective!

Killing Time is one of the slower tracks but is presented well through an electronic beat that is consistent throughout. The vocals may be quieter but the drums massively support him the full way.

Here Tonight is just a man and his acoustic guitar, an emotive ballad that really connects the listener and the singer. Vocally, Faulkner is superb on this track.

Image credit: Newton Faulkner on Twitter

On Better Way, the intricate guitar chords go hand in hand with the lyrics for the majority of the song.

World Away is similar to this but tends to have more of a build-up throughout.

I Can Pretend brings back the faster, more upbeat side to the album.

Leave Me Lonely is similar to Back with the intended soul effect and once again successfully shows off his vocal range like Back does.

Together consists of strong vocals that get across a lovely meaning of reuniting loved ones, something so relevant with this year.

A more electronic wave comes across in The Sun Is Coming Up, making this the ‘different’ track of the record.

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Rest Of Me takes the album back to its familiar sound. The track seems a lot quicker due to the fast strumming and feel good lyrics.

Ache For You gave a bit of everything with its rhythmic background sound. The guitar solo towards the end really adds to its effectiveness.

Following on from this is It’s Getting Late. This is the track on the album that provides pure relaxation but in the best way it could.

The closing track Interference (F@&k I Think it’s Love). For this to be the final track was the correct decision as it draws the album to its conclusion.

Faulkner has taken everyone on a journey of sun and love. The softly tapped drum and the acoustic guitar is perfect.

Faulkner comes to Glasgow and Edinburgh on his Interference (of Light) tour in October, tickets are on sale now.

The album is available now on all music-streaming services.

Featured image credit: Newton Faulkner on Instagram

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