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Women’s Lacrosse Team to use pronoun tags for their Give it a Go event

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Introduced by committee member Annette Eguia, the Women’s Lacrosse Team at Stirling are going to use pronoun tags at their Give it a Go (GIAG) event, setting the status quo of queer positivity from the outset.

With the beginning of semester fast approaching, there will be many GIAGs on and around campus. Societies and clubs will be doing their best to present their passion and communicate what not to miss out on.

A multitude of societies are at the height of their planning phase for the upcoming meets and presentations. Brig spoke to a variety of committee members and found that some societies are being especially mindful when it comes to the topic of inclusivity and gender this semester.

“Asking for pronouns should be the new normal and that’s what we want to represent.”

Annette Eguia

The welfare officer Eguia came up with the idea of displaying personal pronouns, stating that “inclusivity is very important” to them. “Since many people just assume that my pronouns are she/her, I know how difficult it can be to correct others all the time.”

Eguia feels that the pronoun tags will enhance the feeling of being welcomed in the group: “I want new members to feel accepted in the way they are without having to explain their intimate circumstances. Asking for pronouns should be the new normal and that’s what we want to represent.”

If you want to try out Lacrosse and join the team, “whether you are an experienced lacrosse player or have never held a stick before”, you can attend the GIAG on the September 17th at 3pm on the Sand Pitches (next to the swimming pool).

You can follow the team on Instagram @stirlax_ and on Twitter @stirwomenslax

Feature Image Credit: Women’s Lacrosse Team

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