Stirling’s Global Strike: 2pm in Port Street

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It is 38 days to COP26. 38 days and 15 hours. Or less, even, by the time this is read. Education.scot.gov gives it in seconds, like a rocket launch. One, two, three, BOOM.

At least, there is the hope for a boom.

With one of the worst ever cyclones hitting India’s West coast, this year, unprecedented wildfires in northwest America and several hundred deaths in central Europe’s floods – there are high expectations this year. Will world leaders commit to a future for young people? Fridays For Future is vocal for that, and will stand up for the planet again this Friday.

In Stirling, yellow leaflets are calling to the streets. 2 p.m. they say, meeting in Port Street. The organisers – the university societies Global Justice Stirling and Environmental Enterprises Stirling and our city’s Extinction Rebellion group – want all of Stirling involved in this protest. More than thousand cities in over 185 countries protested in some of these strikes before. Being part of that makes it clear that there is a strong community in our town, urging for the change of direction.

It means a lot to the three organising groups that COP26 is in few weeks. World leaders, coming to our neighbour city, deciding the future of us all. Never before it has been as important to show the world: there is a strong demand for change. This is an attempt to make Stirling’s voices be heard as well, ahead of COP26, and to support the entire, international movement being powerfully audible.

And it will be loud: The groups organised a rally with drums, speakers and music. The protest will end with an open invitation to the monthly ‘critical mass’ cycling event, starting at 6pm in front of the train station.

Tomorrow in the city centre. One more opportunity to put pressure on COP!

Feature image credit: Theo Barrett

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