Glasgow Vegan Festival 2021 – A Review

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Many locals attend the Vegan Festival in Glasgow 2021 after last year’s event got cancelled.

The annual Vegan Festival is an opportunity for independent businesses to display their products. Vegan activists have the chance to advertise their organisations and vegan food stalls sell their alternatives to the omnivore diet. Due to the pandemic, the festival got cancelled last year.

The event took place on Saturday the 25th in Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Due to Covid-restrictions, the One-way system guides the ticket holder through the different product and food stalls. The first room is dedicated to businesses and NGO’s that can show their expertise. The second section hosts many different food options.

A variety of stalls advertise and market action against the abuse of animals. Creative art and merch designs portray activist messages for allies. Companies like “humane human” show less-known crimes against animals as well. Sara Maxwell, one of the brand owners, explains: “The goal is to start a conversation. My sister designs every single one of these herself”.

Image credit: Aysun Bora

DoTERRA Essential Oils for example is an essential oil company that specifies on selling pure products that you can use in water and food as well. The benefits of the oils should be accessible all over, so does the seller tell us. The 10 Oils Starter Kit starts from £112.75. Surprised about the high price we asked about the reasoning. According to the company the high prices stem from the difficult production of the oils that aim to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

Another interesting brand to learn more about is “Temple de Luna“. The Reiki practitioner Rebecca Brain founded a vegan skincare line on healing energies. The “Skincare for the modern-day high priestess” is “made for the spiritual and cosmetic needs”, expands Brain.

Trying different alternatives to the omnivore diet is intriguing. The brand “There’s No Catch!” sells vegan fish and chips. The vegan fish is made from soy and seaweed. The texture and taste are impressively close to actual fish. Trying it out can be recommended, especially since the chips and the mashed peas on the side create a nice composition.

Image credit: Aysun Bora

The “Vegan Sweet Tooth London” has a multitude of vegan savoury and sweet food to offer. The queue in front of the stall is impressive. We tried the raspberry chocolate cake and the Arancini (risotto balls). For the price the piece of cake that you get is extensive. It is a good way to finish up the long day of walking around. Deciding on something to eat between so many options is probably the biggest challenge.

Image credit: Aysun Bora

All in all, the Vegan Festival in Glasgow is a colourful event to go to. For vegans, it is a nice place to connect and share similar values. For omnivores and people with different diets, it can be an experience to dive into a different world and try out something new. Other foods and meat and dairy alternatives can inspire to cook in other ways.

Feature image credit: Glasgow Vegan Festival

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