Strictly Come Dancing: A nine in week one ?

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September is here which means one thing, it’s strictly season. Brig is bringing you an essential recap on every questionable score, each pivot and poise, and the shock bottom two.

The fake tan is on, the hairs been sprayed and the training rooms are shut. Claudia’s primed with puns, Shirley’s got her note pad and the band is tuned and ready to go.

It’s time to meet the stars of our show.

Tom Fletcher and Amy Dowden tested positive

We know the drill, the first week is never that cruel (well unless your Craig) and all the couples have a safe week free of elimination. However, Musician Tom fletcher and Amy Dowden will not be dancing next week as they have tested positive for Covid-19.

Image Credit :BBC

A strictly official has brought out a statement explaining that the couple will isolate and hopefully all being well will return for Week Three. Fingers crossed all goes well. Especially after their Cha Cha this weekend scoring a reasonable 21 from the judges showing promise, as Craig noted his incredible musicality.

The new judging dynamics

Image Credit: BBC

A new year, welcomes the presence of a new judge but a familiar face, Anton Du Beke. It’s clear that he is still trying to find a healthy balance of pointers and personality. He is also workshopping a couple of catchphrases to emulate his predecessor Len Goodman however the jury still out on his current favourite “Me old sausage”.

Motsi is bringing her warm yet helpful critiques with added flair and compassion. Craig is still Craig straight-talking on the outside but teddy bear on inside. However, the same can’t be said for Shirley, who is a stickler for technic and fundamentals as usual but something about her critiques can come off harsh and has left some pros less than happy.

However the main take away from this weeks judging panel was the unheard of rise in score. Week one scores are never amazing, the couples are finding there feet and most of the celebs pray for a five and act like it’s a golden ticket So when both nine and eight paddles (Even from Shirley) were raised people took notice; this is either going to be an amazing season or the judges power might have just gone to their heads.

John and Johannas Tango into the history books

Image Credit : Digital Spy

It’s safe to say this has been the most anticipated couple and their impact echos throughout society not just within the strictly ballroom. As expected, they did not disappoint, they made a point to recognise the significance of their pairing (being two males) but they want it to be about the dancing and that is exactly what they did.

As their tango to ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order was (considering its week one) technically sound with near perfect footwork and palpable passion. It’s important to note as its two masculine dancers they had to constantly switch leads and they did it seamlessly granting them a 30 out of 40.

AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington’s jive break records

Aj and Kai jive to ‘gold dust’ by DJ Fresh left judges Shirley and Anton dusting off their nine paddles and deservingly so. Now if your anything like me watching on Saturday night, i had to watch and rewind this number more times than i’d care to admit.

Image Credit : The Express

I know it’s far too early in the game to say this but this couple is one to watch, not only that but this choreographer (new dancer Kai Widdrington ) is phenomenal and has made his mark on the ballroom. Now i love a jive with its 50s feel but this version left me speechless with the complimentary flair added light and shade which gave AJ space to show off her natural ability and personality.

Rob Webb is pegged to be the new Ann Widecombe

Image Credit: Daily Mail

Now i love a higher scorer as much as the next watcher but my highlight of then night by fair was Robb Webb and Diane’s cha cha to ‘Rasputin’ by boney m was the crowd pleaser of the night. honestly its going in my strictly highlight reel giving off major Ann Widdecombe energy. If you can make Craig Revel Horwood exclaim ” Who cares about about technic that was brillant” your doing well. Someone needs to give the producer a pay-check for creating this partnership with Dianne uswell because her energy is unmatched.

Ugo Monye brings new meaning to “Show Must Go On”

Image Credit : Digital Spy

Ugo Monye and partner Oti Mabuse brought the carnival to Elm Street Studios with there Samba to ‘Iko Iko (My Bestie)’ by Justin wellington this weekend. However, his performance was made far more poignant as he dedicated the dance to his late father whose funeral it was on Saturday morning . He expressed that he wanted his father life to be celebrated and he explained that he couldnt find a better way to do that then to dance.

All in all its been an amazing first week and I can’t to see how all the couples progress.

Featured Image Credit : I News

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