Insta-Gaelic: The Rise of Language Influencers

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Over the past five years, the numbers of those interested in the Scottish Gaelic language and community has skyrocketed. The younger generation getting involved has made way for a new social media nieche, ‘Gaelic-gram’. As a young person raised speaking Gaelic who moved to the central belt for university, I very rarely hear Gaelic being spoken in real life, so online accounts have changed the game.

The Gaelic community needed a space for young people to group together and spread the language -Instagram does this in the perfect way. Dozens of young people have taken their hands to content creation, making the language more accessible to the general public. Whether its makeup, cooking or grammer you’re interested in, theres something for everyone!

I’ve compiled a list of some of (in my opinion) the best Gaelic Instagram accounts out there.

  1. @oiseanlauren

Lauren runs an incredible body positive, fashion and makeup fuelled account with over three thousand followers. Her unbelievable makeup skills are tied with Gaelic captions and English translations, making it very accessible for learners. Her Instagram stories are filled with stories of her life and spoken in Gaelic, as well as Gaelic filters such as “Which Gaelic star are you?” (Julie Fowlis for the win).

2. @craic_le_kellow

Raonaid is a Gaelic based blogger whos page is filled with life stories, fashion inspo and incredible food pictures. Raonaid was one of the very first Gaelic Instagram accounts I found, and has countlessly inspired me to speak about the language and has truly shown that Gaelic does have a place in modern social media.

3. @the_cooksmith

If recipes and mouthwatering food pics are the way to your heart, this is the place to be. Marks content is the perfect combination of incredible looking food and chatty captions that really give the account a homely feel. Marks account also boasts a myriad of highlights and stories giving followers the chance to practise their language listening skills while online.

4. @caldamac

BBC presenter and outdoor swimming enthusiast ‘Calum MacLean‘ is the perfect account to follow for lovers of the great outdoors. Wild swimming content is perfectly tied with Gaelic and local information throughout the account, giving us scenic views and fascinating factoids.

5. @honeyandtote

Sustainability has been another fast growing topic in the social media and ‘Honey and Tote’ does a brilliant job at showing the realistic side of sustainability, making it more accessible for young people. Honey and Tote also boasts an incredible tiktok, where you can see incredible Gaelic content such as “get ready with me’s” and Gaelic music content.

6. @airanlot

Donald MacSween is the host of argubaly one of my favourite BBC Alba (the Gaelic TV channel) programmes of all time. Following his life on the croft makes for incredible TV and translates beautifully into the social media sphere. A must follow account for anyone interested in farming and is the perfect account if you’re a fan of Instagram stories.

7. @love_gaidhlig

Last, but not least, is ‘Love Gaidhlig‘. This is the perfect account for approachable learning! With daily stories and posts explaining everything from grammar rules to fun terms. The ultimate approachable learning platform for young people interested in the language!

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