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Celebrating World Coffee Day

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The history of coffee can be traced back to Ancient Ethiopia, and only reached Europe in the 17th century before becoming one of the most household items worldwide. Coffees historical impact is more grand than you may expect, with it being argued that coffee helped to start the Age of Enlightenment (seriously look it up).

Most uni students start their day with a cup of coffee, and to celebrate World Coffee Day, this October 1st, I’ve created this list of the best independent coffee shops in Stirling to help you get that caffeine hit!

  1. The Book Nook

Situated in Stirling’s Upper Craigs Street, The Book Nook is the ultimate study cafe. Combined coffee shop and bookstore, the cafe has an incredible interior and even better coffee to help you get your work done. I sat most my online exams from the comfort of the Book Nook last year, and I fully credit their lattes and chicken mozzarella bagels for getting me through first year. (ps. they have the best playlist on Spotify).

2. Unorthodox Roasters

Just minutes away from the UL bus stop, Unorthodox Roasters, situated on Friars Street, boasts their own roasted coffee and the perfect flat white. Unorthodox Roasters also have an incredible line of merch, perfect study wear for all coffee lovers.

3. The Burgh Coffeehouse

A Brig favourite, The Burgh Coffee is the perfect place to hide from the busy Stirling streets. With an stunning menu and calming ambience makes for another perfect study place with plenty of coffee to keep you going throughout the semester.

4. Caffe Pompei

Caffe Pompei, located on Kings street, is a gorgeous family-run Italian cafe, with everything from paninis to cannoli and the best aranchini I have ever eaten. A bright and airy space, it is a perfect study spot or escape from the stress of uni life. Caffe Pompei boasts incredible proper coffee that is the ultimate pick me up on days when a caffeine hit is essential.

5. HBW Coffee

With a fully vegan menu, HBW have one of the best brunch menus in Stirling, alongside a list of stunning coffees. Theres something for everyone here, including their impressive list of Blendsmith alternative lattes (such as Matcha and Beetroot).

Images taken from Instagram accounts of respective coffee houses.

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