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Vegan on a budget

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Happy World Vegetarian Day everyone!

Vegetarianism and veganism have gained popularity over the past few years as more people are concerned about the environmental impacts of eating animal products.

I have noticed that a lot of my fellow university students have also switched to a more plant-based diet and therefore I’d like to share my tips on how to make delicious vegan foods on a student-budget.

It is often assumed that being a vegan is more expensive and that plant-based foods are more expensive than meat products. This can be the case if you buy a lot of mock-meats and dairy products.

However, there is a healthier and cheaper way too.

My first tip is to use more pantry items such as rice and beans or lentils. They are cheap, healthy and one bag of, for example, lentils will last you a long time.

You will also save money because you are not buying any expensive meats. For example if you buy ground beef for £2 it will make around 2-4 servings. To compare, you can get 1kg of lentils for the same price and that has around 16 servings. Quite a difference!

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Second tip would be to prepare food ahead of time. If you know that you will have a busy few days ahead and you won’t have time to cook, then this will save you.

I advice to make for example, a lentil soup or a sweet potato curry in advance, store it in the fridge and just pop it in the microwave and enjoy.

Most plant-based dishes will last in the fridge for 3-5 days and you will save valuable time during those busy days. Amazing lentil soup recipes are easy to find on the internet and they usually make 4-5 servings, so you will have lunch ready for the next week!

Hopefully these tips were helpful and will make your transition to a plant-based diet easier!

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