Adele drops teaser for new music on October 15

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Yesterday afternoon Adele dropped a teaser on her Instagram for new music coming on October 15. 

The 20 second clip featured Adele driving a 50’s style car while the piano introduction to her new single ‘Easy on me’ plays on the radio cassette. As she drives, sheet music flies out the window as her hands move to the music. 

The video was watched 5 million times in the first hour on Instagram and Twitter and nearly 24 hours later the video has had over 12 million hits on the singers Instagram. 

It appears that the long anticipated wait for Adele’s music may soon be coming to an end, as there has been rumours about new music flying around for a few weeks and an album expected to follow the single. 

Last week the number 30 suddenly appeared, being projected onto iconic landmarks around the world including the Louvre, Empire State Building and the Colesseum. Despite being unconfirmed, many assumed this to be the work of Adele teasing an album, as it follows in her previous pattern of naming her work after important years of her life. At 30 Adele divorced her husband, Simon Konecki, a pivotal year for the singer.

The piano chords appear to continue her usual style of music, implying the emotive ballads she does so well.

Image credit: Cortland Jacoby

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