“I feel happier than ever” – Jesy Nelson on her Solo Career

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Jesy Nelson, the former Little Mix member, decided to leave the group in December 2020. Now she is topping the charts with her solo music.

“Nelson left Little Mix”. Those were the viral news that broke my heart at the end of last year. As someone that grew up and lived my adolescence through Little Mix and their music, it was very hard to let go of the perfect image that I had of the group. Since the artist has been vocal about her mental health problems like body dysmorphia and anxiety the decision didn’t come as a surprise.

Jesy has been teasing her debut as a solo artist since August 2021. This followed a lot of controversies since many fans didn’t know what her plans were after she left the well-known girl group. Through her release of “Boyz” her new song with Nicki Minaj on the 7th of October, she is stepping back into the spotlight.

During her promotion tour, she gets to talk about the fallout with the group, her break-up with her boyfriend and her struggles with mental health and societal pressure. Nelson says that “she constantly compared herself to others.”

The girls know that I didn’t have the best time.

Jesy Nelson

When she gets asked about her relationship with the other group members right now, she answers: “We will always be sisters, but it is hard to not talk to them if you had contact 24/7 before.” She opens up about her process of writing the new song. She tells Zach Sang in his show that she never planned on leaving Little Mix. However, she figured out that getting some distance would be the best decision for her mental health.

“I just went into the studio and wrote about what was on my mind”. Talking about other singles she explains that she has many songs that she is working on. According to Nelson, publishing an album with filler songs is not an option. “I am a perfectionist”, the young singer elaborates, “I am going to take my time”.

I am a perfectionist!

Jesy Nelson

In September 2019 Nelson let viewers see behind the scenes and exposed her suicide attempt. “Odd One Out”, a BBC production, is a documentary narrated by Jesy Nelson herself. She openly talks about body image issues, depression, online bullying, pressure through the press and more. Especially, critics online calling her “Alien” distorted her self-image, she shares.

In the recent interview with Glamour, the 30-year-old gets asked about how she feels mentally on a scale from one to ten.

I would say I am a solid 10!

Jesy Nelson

“I am happier than I have felt in a very long time!”, exclaims the singer smiling and teases even more upcoming music.

If you are interested in Jesy Nelson after this article you can find her music on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and more.

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