Petition for nightclubs to search guests on entry after women claim to be ‘spiked by injection’

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A petition has surfaced online to make it a legal requirement for guests to be searched on entry at nightclubs after multiple claims of women being ‘spiked by injection’ in clubs in Edinburgh.

The petition on the UK government website has reached over 5,000 signatures after being up for less than a day.

For the government to respond to the petition it needs to reach 10,000 signatures and 100,000 for it to be considered for debate in parliament.

The petition was created by Hannah Thomson a former student at Edinburgh Napier University. Hannah became aware of the claims when her boyfriend sent her a post from a girl claiming to have been spiked by injection.

“I was so shocked and disgusted that this was happening.”

Hannah Thomson

Over the past couple of days posts have been circulating around social media with multiple women claiming to have been injected by a needle into their back.

Hannah stated:

“How are we even getting needles into nightclubs like how is that happening? How are we allowing that to happen? Then I started thinking we get searched going into gigs and festivals so, why not nightclubs?”.

The Instagram page @edi_anonymous shared a post on the claims warning others of the alleged new spiking method. They said:

“we have heard multiple reports of students being spiked by injection in Edinburgh clubs leaving a small red bump on their back.”

The posts also said that the symptoms of this form of spiking were similar to that of being spiked by the pill method.

Hannah also stated that upon her own research found there was a case of a man bringing a knife into a nightclub in London.

“Why are we not getting searched? Why is there not metal detectors? Why are these things not in place for when you are entering a nightclub?”

She believes “Somethings got to change”.

You can find the petition here:

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