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Gluten Free Review: Biscuits

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As the winter months draw closer, what is more perfect on a chilly day than a biscuit to dunk in your cuppa? But as my coeliac and gluten intolerant comrades will know, not all GF biscuits are created equal. I’ve tried and tested some from my local supermarkets, so you don’t have to!

ASDA Free From Chocolate Digestives 200g

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Price: £1.20

Rating: 1/5

Possibly some of the worst biscuits I’ve ever had the misfortune to taste. They were so dry, almost like eating sawdust. Even the chocolate topping was unable to save them, as it was bland and flavourless. I couldn’t even bear to finish the packet and ended up using them to make a cheesecake base (which is all they’re good for in my opinion).

Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies 150g

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Price: £1.20

Rating: 4.5/5

My go-to biscuit currently. Soft, melt in the mouth texture and amazing taste. And they’re vegan as well as gluten free! I’m not always a big fan of vegan chocolate, but the chocolate chips in these are so brilliant I didn’t even realise. However, the biscuits become very crumbly if the packet is open for a long amount of time, but I find eating these in one sitting no problem. Coeliac friends should watch out, as these contain gluten free oat flour, and oats aren’t suitable for some coeliac sufferers.

Tesco Free From Cookies & Cream Biscuits 160g

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Price: £1.25

Rating: 3/5

Nothing can come close to an OG Oreo in my books, but these are a decent attempt. They have a great biscuit to filling ratio and a good crunch. The texture is grittier compared to real Oreos which can be off-putting. The filling was also quite bland.

Nairn’s Chocolate Biscuit Breaks 160g

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Price: £1.80

Rating: 4/5

These are a little dry on their own but dunked into tea or coffee they are delicious. The rich chocolate flavour and crispness combine perfectly together. A bit more pricey than the others, but definitely worth it. Again, these contain GF oats, so beware!

Schar Gluten Free Spekulatius Spiced Biscuits 100G

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Price: £1.40

Rating: 3.5/5

Ever since eating gluten free, I have been searching for an alternative to Lotus Biscoff. I had read about these biscuits online as a good GF alternative, so I was incredibly excited when I found them in my local Tesco. I was a little disappointed, as they have a distinctly different flavour from Biscoff. They are certainly a festive biscuit, with a strong cinnamon taste. But the texture is almost exactly like Biscoff, with a lovely crunch. The designs are so adorable, with a variety of animals such as bears, elephants and horses! They do leave a quite a gritty feeling in your mouth, but what GF products don’t?

Please let me know if you try any of the products and share your thoughts with me!

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