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What you need to know before moving in with your partner

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It’s officially cuffing season and students are already starting to think about housing arrangements for next year. Are you ready to take the next step with your significant other? Here are five things you should consider beforehand.

1. You will fart in front of each other. A lot.

Is it really true love if you can’t laugh at one another’s stinky farts? This may seem childish but it’s honest. If you’re going to be living with each other and spending most of your time in close proximity, you need to be prepared to get comfortable with the good, the bad and the ugly. The worry that they think you’re gross disappears pretty quickly by the way because they’re probably just as gross as you.

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2. It’s normal and healthy to want space.

Spending all your time with the person you love the most in the world is amazing, but it’s also okay to want some time for yourself. Self-care is so important. Don’t be afraid to ask for some space to do something that relaxes you, whether it be a bubble bath, cooking your favourite comfort meal or cosying up with a good book. A good partner will always understand and respect your boundaries. Spending time apart does not mean that you love each other any less.

3. Come to an agreement about bills and chores.

In the rush and excitement of moving in together, it’s easy to forget about the boring stuff, but it’s some of the most important. It can be very awkward but talk about money together beforehand. If your partner isn’t that great with money, ask how you can help them. Talk about how you’ll split the bills and who will do the shopping so everything is in place by the time you move in. Do chores together and hold each other accountable if things start to go downhill.

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4. You will never know what to make for dinner.

You would think two heads would be better than one when deciding what to eat, right? Wrong! Whether it be contrasting palates or plain indecisiveness, it often seems like an impossible task. Don’t even get me started on going out to eat. Try making a list of your favourite meals and always keep a good stock of versatile ingredients like pasta, rice and tinned foods. Remember that you don’t always have to eat the same things!

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Talk to each other. Talk when you’re happy, talk when you’re sad, talk when something goes wrong. Sharing your feelings and problems means that you can work together to find a solution. The majority of disagreements can usually be solved by just talking it out. Always be honest with one another because even the smallest things can easily be blown out of proportion when emotions run high. Never go to bed angry at one another.

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