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Creating a sustainable Christmas

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With the COP26 summit concluding earlier this month, let’s discuss some ways in which you can create a more sustainable Christmas.

Compost leftover Christmas food

If you have some leftover vegetables from your Christmas dinner or some brie from a cheese board, you can compost both. Although make sure to decide what variation of composting you are going to do because this will impact what you can include in your composter.

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Rent a Christmas tree

Christmas trees with the accreditation of the Soil Association or the Forest Stewardship Council are the most likely to be the best environmentally friendly option if you looking to purchase a new tree. However, if you don’t wish to purchase a tree, you can rent a Christmas tree for a set price (which also features the labels of the FSC and Soil Association). The tree can then be used again by someone else, until next Christmas. Some businesses even allow customers to pick designs and will style the tree however you prefer, which can save on excess decorations.

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If you have received gifts and thought about returning them, why not re-gift them and allow someone else to gain some enjoyment from them? You are still selecting which gift is most suitable for the recipient. When opting to re-gift something, you are reducing the carbon footprint that the gift would make if it was returned to the shop or collated to landfill.

Make your own decorations

Christmas is a time to come together, why not use the time to create your own decorations and personalise them. Creating your own decorations is cheaper and you save on packaging.

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That’s four very creative ways to create a sustainable Christmas, by mixing the fun of decorations with more environmentally friendly elements.

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