Top 6 Study Tips For Deadline Season

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It is again that time of year, deadline season and it is easy feel so overwhelmed, as work piles up and modules intertwine. But fear not, there are many tips and tricks that can help you work better and feel more productive. Everyone struggles with sitting down and getting their assignments done, but the key is to know what works for you no matter how niche, oh and plants!

But if you are still not sure what does work for you, here are some top six expert tips:

Create a good working environment

Everyone works better in different environments; some people work best the library and others might just be the most productive at home. Wherever you are, there are certain elements you can add to your workspace, that can help your productivity. There have been numerous studies that prove plants, enhance concentration, reduce anxiety, and improve productivity. So, it is important that your study includes some plant life. It is also better to work in an environment with natural light, so if you are working during the day, try and get a spot near a window! Make sure you stay hydrated, your workspace is not too cluttered, and feel free to listen to some gentle study music on Spotify, or just silence if that is what you prefer.

Make a plan

This is a study tip you will hear all the time, but it really is helpful. Having a plan of what you need to do that day, or perhaps a plan for your end goal, can help you know what you are working towards, and know where to start. Begin, by writing a to-do list for the day, if you have more time for your assignment, don’t make the list too big to avoid being overwhelmed. Once you know what you need to work on that day, you can make a start. Then, you can keep track of your progress and know when it is a good to take breaks or stop for the day. Also don’t worry about sticking to a time schedule, just take breaks when you need them.

Know your revision technique

If it works for you, then it doesn’t matter how you study. There is a lot of help online, but one method you should try, if you are really struggling is the Pomodoro technique. Start by deciding what is it you are wanting to complete and figure how long it will take you. Set at timer for 25 minutes and work for that full time, once your 25 minutes is up, take a 5–10-minute break. Then start again and repeat the process until you task is complete.

If you can, turn off your phone

No matter how much self-control you have, it is hard to not pick up your phone and get distracted. Things like phones can break your concentration and once you are out of that zone it is hard to get back into it. So, if possible, try and place your phone away from you, or turn it off, so that you don’t get distracted.  

Stay hydrated

Your brain needs water, keeping your brain hydrated allows you to stay focused. Drinking water increases the brains temperature and gets rid of toxins and dead cells. It also keeps cells active and balances chemical processes in the brain. Which makes your studying much easier!

Reward yourself and take breaks

This is perhaps the most important tip to follow, you need to look after yourself. Of course, when deadlines are tight, it is hard to remember to do this. But the worst thing for productivity is not letting yourself rest. Having to study can easily get you feeling down, so remember to reward yourself with whatever that might be. The number one tip that is proven to help during deadline season, is a lot of self-care.

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