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Christmas for vegans

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It’s that time of the year again! Time to eat cookies, and dive into any other kind of treats. Put on your Christmas jumper, get yourself a tea and let’s look at the most delicious plant-based recipes that this holy season has to offer.

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The Best Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a good creamy cup of hot melted deliciousness?

As a vegan you tend to look for THE recipe that proves all your relatives that you do have something amazing to add to the table as well. With this hot chocolate, everyone will love you forever.

This recipe is tested and approved!

Some little tips for the ultimate hot chocolate experience:

  • Know what texture you like the most. The creamier you like, the more chocolate you should add.
  • Don’t burn the chocolate. Try to boil everything on low heat.
  • Don’t be afraid to add coffee. It is a culinary insider that a bit of coffee enhances the taste of chocolate so don’t skip that step.
  • If you like it a bit spicy, you can always add more character through some nutmeg, cinnamon or even chilli.
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The Best Vegan Cookies

We have released a whole article on this last year. And yes, the best recipe is obviously ours.

The cookies are amazing and go with everything. However, the most important part is the decoration aspect of it. Get your family and friends around you and start a competition. Beat them all! You got this!

Some insiders for you to win the competition:

  • If you want a perfect design have two types of royal icing ready. One that is more solid and another that is more liquid. The solid version is amazing for outlines. The more water it is the better it is to fill in outline once it’s set.
  • Colouring the icing takes a lot of time and makes a bunch of mess but you will be grateful about your investment later on.
  • Keep an eye on the cookies in the oven. Since they are pale burning them can be easy since the sugar caramelises. Take them out when they have the colour that you want.
  • Put some sprinkles and nuts, not only for the looks but also because they add more texture.
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The Ultimate Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I know, I know. No one likes Brussel sprouts. That’s only because no one knows how to cook them properly. So, grow up and hear me out.

You buy Brussel Sprouts. You wash them thoroughly. You dry them. Yes, all of them with a towel.

(If you don’t dry them well enough, they boil instead of fry in the oven. That’s not what we want)

Then you slice each of them in half.

Pre-heat the oven on 200 degrees and put the tray in it already so that the surface is hot.

Put the sliced Brussel sprouts in a big bowl and add two tablespoons of olive oil, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, salt and pepper and mix it all together.

Now arrange the Brussel sprouts all with the cut side facing the tray. This will enhance the caramelising of the Brussel sprouts and make them crispy.

Keep in mind to turn them around once you see that the vegetables halfway through.

The Brussel sprouts should be ready in about 25 minutes.

That and that is the only way you will get the best Brussel sprouts ever.

You can thank me later.

These are three of our favourite recipes for this years Christmas celebration as a vegan.

Bon Appetit!

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