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Stirling University Swimmer Breaks Record during University Tournament

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Toni Shaw, representing the University of Stirling, has broken the British record for the 100 metre butterfly at her first BUCS tournament.

Shaw, 18, set an impressive time of 1:07:86 at the BUCS short course championship which took place in Sheffield.

Record breaker and BUCS champion Toni Shaw said following the win:

“It is such a nice feeling to be a BUCS winner, I have really enjoyed taking part in my first BUCS tournament.

“My highlight of my weekend has been all the races but also watching the finals and watching team Stirling smash it, it has just been incredible.

“I have got trials for the Commonwealth Games and the World Championships in February so that is the next big target.”

The new record compounds a host of other achievements that the promising young athlete has earned early in her career.


Most notably her success at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics where she achieved a bronze medal in the 400 metre freestyle category on a dream opening day of the tournament for her.

Ollie Carter, also of Stirling University, turned heads with his performance, he found himself on the podium with two medals and a gleaming trophy to take home.

He managed to set new Scottish records, a new personal best and won multiple events in what can only be described as a productive afternoon for Carter.

He said: “It’s been exhausting, I have done 7 races – I usually only do one per day! So it’s good to get the rewards.

“This is my fourth year of being at Stirling so I have been here quite a while and it has been really beneficial to me.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Keanna McInnes also earned first place in the 200 metres women’s fly competition.

The achievements together make for a successful tournament for the University swimmers who have acquitted themselves well in the latest BUCS races.

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