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Credit: h2o Creative

The Best John Lewis Adverts To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

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DAY 11

John Lewis is seen as the front runner of Christmas marketing, so whenever their annual Christmas adverts come out, you know it is that time of year again.

Although perhaps in more recent years John Lewis has struggled to maintain its charm with their adverts, everyone still has their favourite advert that will make you laugh, smile, cry and defiantly get you into the Christmas spirit.

So here are some of their top adverts over the years to start re watching.

  1. The Long Wait (2011)

Credit: Real Eyes Blog

This advert centres around a young boy on his build up to Christmas, it features him impatiently counting down the days until Christmas. It of course appears as though he is impatient for Christmas because he wants to get his presents.

However, when he wakes up on Christmas day, we see him running past his presents to his wardrobe, where he pulls out a poorly wrapped Christmas present. The adverts ends with him running through to his parents room with his present with a big smile on his face, under him it reads “for gifts you can’t wait to give”.

This advert makes you smile and you will want to start your Christmas shopping ASAP after watching it.

  • Man On the Moon (2015)

Image Credit: City A.M.

This one will make you cry! It is about a little girl who one day sees a man living alone on the moon through her telescope. She spends a long time trying to get him to see her, and whilst she is getting ready for Christmas, he is still alone up there.

She does eventually manage to send him a present, a telescope so he can finally wave back at her! It is truly one of the most emotional Christmas adverts out there, and although it will tug on your heart strings you cannot escape a Christmas cry!

  • Edgar the Dragon (2019)

Image Credit: LancsLiv

Edgar the Dragon was one of John Lewis’s more successful recent adverts, arriving after a few unsuccessful years. It stars excitable Edgar, who loves Christmas, but every time he gets excited, fire and flames burst out his noise, often causing him to destroy some the towns Christmas decorations.

This makes Edgar an outcast. Until he is brought a gift, a Christmas pudding which he lights up for everyone at the town’s Christmas feast and is in turn finally able to join in on the Christmas fun. The advert ends with text reading “show them how much you care” and is accompanied by a soulful cover if I can’t fight this feeling anymore. Although this advert is perhaps a bit sillier than the man on the moon, it is still a real tearjerker as Edger reminds us of the importance of being kind to those that are different.

  • Monty the Penguin (2014)

Image Credit: Superfly

Monty the Penguin! Perhaps one of the best John Lewis advert ever. It starts with a little boy and his real penguin pal Monty. It shows them throughout the festive period having fun together, expect Monty seems to be fascinated by love. The little boy soon realises he wants another Penguin friend.

Skip to Christmas day and there is a present under the tree. It is another female penguin who Monty instantly loves. The camera then shifts to the little boy’s parents as they look as their son playing with his two penguin toys, one looking a bit dirty and old and one brand new one. With text reading “Give someone the Christmas they have been dreaming of”.

This advert reminds us of how special Christmas can be, especially when you are young and full imagination.

  • The Journey (2012)

Image Credit: TheNormCanConform

This 2012 John Lewis advert is a hidden gem. It starts with two children, building a snowman and snowwomen, the Snowman is given a scarf whereas she is not. One morning the little girl notices that he has disappeared, we are then show various shots of him making a long and complicated journey to the local village. The next morning the little girl sees that he has returned, and the snowwomen is now seen wearing a matching scarf, gloves and hat that he has made the journey to get for her. The advert ends with them holding hands, reading “Give a little more this Christmas”

Although this advert might not be the most popular with audiences, it stands as a symbol of how Christmas is about giving, but also reminds us that it is about appreciating our loved ones and remembering to give.

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