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Image Credit : Goodtoknow

Festive Costa Review: is it worth it.

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DAY 13

If you know me then you will know how much I like coffee and the slight caffeine addiction that has come with it.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when Costa finally released their Christmas drinks menu

Today, I’m testing all the drinks on the menu to determine what one ranks best.

Quality Street The Purple One Latte

Credit: Costa Coffee

To start off we have the purple on latte. This coffee was in Costa’s Christmas menu last year and has made a return.

The Purple One Latte is very nutty as it has the hazelnut syrup within it. It’s topped with cream and chocolate sauce with a purple quality street sweet included.

If you like a more hazelnut flavour, then this drink would be perfect for you. However, be aware of the bitter after taste.

This drink scored points for being a very festive flavour however loses for its overall taste. Its still lovely but not as good as the rest of the drinks available

Rating 2/5

Quality Street Toffee Penny Latte

Next on the list is the Quality Street Toffee Penny Latte. The toffee penny is a new addition to the festive menu.

This drink has a lot sweeter, caramel taste to it which is perfect if you have a sweet tooth.

This drink has a lovely smell to it however the scent is stronger than the flavour which knocks a couple points off for me.

I think it would improve the drink by having more syrup in the glass.

The drink is presented with cream on top and caramel sprinkle bits on top. And of course, the toffee penny sweet for you to enjoy.

Toffee doesn’t seem like a very festive flavour in my opinion so for that it drops the score.

Rating 3.5/5

After Eight Hot Chocolate

Credit Costa Coffee

The After Eight hot chocolate has returned to the festive menu in 2021. This mint hot chocolate has been really successful in previous years

This drink is one of my favourites as I can’t think of anything more festive than a box of after eights at Christmas.

The only fault I have with the hot chocolate is that the mint scent can be quite strong, so this might put some people off

Overall the drink is ideal for the festive season.

Rating 4/5

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate

Credit: Costa Coffee

Finally, we have our number one beverage. The Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate.

To me, this drink tastes and smells like my stocking on Christmas morning. Orange is the real essence of Christmas

It really gives the real traditional festive feel.

Both hot chocolate drinks mentioned are perfect if you are not a coffee lover but still want a sweet treat at this time of year.

Rating 5/5

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