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The festive season is finally upon us and that means three things: cosy nights in, cheesy rom-com marathons and the dreaded realisation of “Oh God, Christmas is two weeks away and I still haven’t started my shopping.”

Whether you begin scouting for gifts in July (hi mum) or leave everything until a frantic shopping splurge on Christmas Eve, gift-giving is a stressful experience for everyone. There is the worry that your gifts won’t hit the mark and be met with an awkward “I love this t-shirt of a show I’ve never watched, thank you!”. Not to mention how extortionate gift buying can be if you miss out on those glorious Black Friday deals.

The stress of gift-giving can often put a damper on the holiday season and Brig has decided that enough is enough. In true Christmas spirit, we are blessing you with gift ideas – the weird, the wonderful and everything in between – that are guaranteed to please everyone in your life.

So get comfortable, grab your favourite festive chocolates (Quality Street is the only acceptable answer but I digress) and get inspired by our ultimate last-minute Christmas gift guide.

The gift that won’t break the bank: Something homemade

If you are tight on cash this Christmas (as many of us are), do not stress! There’s no need to sell your soul in order to afford a good present or two; often the best gifts are those which flex your creativity and thoughtfulness rather than a flashy price tag.

If you and your significant other love to cook together, make them a personalised cookbook! Put your artistic skills to the test and create a new home for all of your tried-tested-and-loved recipes.

If cooking isn’t your thing (don’t worry it’s not mine either, I can barely scramble an egg), why not make your loved one a DIY scrapbook!

They will appreciate the time and effort you invest into making them something personal, rather than shoving a gift card into their stocking and calling it a day. Homemade gifts also hardly make a dent in your bank account; a win-win situation!

The foolproof gift: Something that supports their passion

One of the easiest ways to guarantee that you will impress someone with your gift is to buy them something that supports their passion.

Do they love running? Gift them some snazzy exercise shoes or, if you fancy splashing the cash, a fitness tracker or new headphones to make their runs even more enjoyable. Are they passionate about music? Surprise them with those festival tickets they’ve had their eye on all year!

I’ll admit, these gifts may be predictable and you run the risk of – god forbid – buying a friend or family member something they already own. Subscription boxes make for amazing gifts in this scenario!

If you can imagine a hobby, there’s probably a subscription service for it. Say your loved one is into makeup, for instance, consider signing them up for a monthly beauty box – this allows them to experiment with an array of different products that they may never have tried otherwise, and gives them something to look forward to each month!

For the beauty queen (Glossybox); For the wannabe wine connoisseur (Pull The Cork); For the caffeine fiend (Pact)

The edible gift: Something for the foodies

You really can’t go wrong with food as a last-minute gift. Be mindful of allergies – of course – but if your friends and family are anything like mine, a simple box of chocolates will always go down a treat during the holidays.

If you would rather your food gift be a little more permanent (as opposed to chocolates which usually get demolished before Boxing Day), a nice bottle of olive oil or spice selection would make the perfect gift for the foodies in your life!

Let’s admit it, we all love to splurge on food during the holidays. But food gifts do not have to be expensive!

Why not get busy in the kitchen making some festive goodies à la Brig Newspaper? Have a look at our Christmas Recipes for some affordable, homemade and (most importantly) delicious gift inspiration!


The not-on-the-high-street gift: Something for the oddball

For the novelty-lovers in your life, Firebox is a goldmine for some of wackiest and most wonderful Christmas gifts. They sell everything from quirky board games to penis-shaped pasta (although I can’t guarantee your grandparents would love that one).

Firebox offers something for every taste and every budget – whether you’re on the hunt for a snazzy new £200 kitchen gadget for your dad, or a £9.99 box of chocolate boobs (maybe also for your dad, I don’t judge).

Firebox’s gift selection is endless and it can be daunting to choose exactly the right novelty gift, so listen to your loved ones throughout the year and take notes! I have a dedicated section in my notes app where I sneakily jot down anything my boyfriend mentions in passing (he is still oblivious to this, bless him) and by the time Christmas arrives, I have a ridiculously long list of gift ideas he is guaranteed to love. Some may call this overkill; I call it being organised.

Has your loved one been too busy with work to go to the pub? Get them a Fizzics Draftpour to pull their own pints at home! Have they recently shown an interest in cooking? Buy them the (iconic) Snoop Dogg Cookbook.

Some Firebox bestsellers:

The gift that will last a lifetime: Something for the memory-makers

Many of us are (admittedly) too money-oriented during the holidays; fixated on how many gifts we receive or how much money we spend on others. We become so focused on the numbers that we forget to slow down and truly appreciate the time spent with our loved ones.

Gifting someone an experience that you can share together is an excellent way to show them that you love them: reserve a table at their favourite restaurant or book a surprise weekend getaway!

Christmas gifts don’t have to be materialistic – although it may be nice to have a physical object to have and hold, memories made from an experience together will last a lifetime.

So use this gift guide as you wish, but regardless of whether you bake those homemade cookies or buy that £200 Firebox gift, prioritise spending quality time with your loved ones this Christmas.

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