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Staying organised at Christmas

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DAY 18

Christmas can be a rather busy time of year, there is a lot to think about from making Christmas dinner to thinking about how best to mark the occasion. So, lets talk about some three top tips to hopefully make things a little smoother and more organised this Christmas.

  1. Use a shared calendar or check list
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Shared calendars and to-do lists , whether that be an app on your phone or a communal diary can be very useful if you have a large guest list and need to make sure that everyone will arrive on time or just want to delegate tasks between the group so that everyone can feel involved in the celebrations. You can also utilise your shared calendar to avoid duplicating gifts.

2. Take a break to refocus

By taking a break during preparations for the festive period, you can use the time to refocus and review your Christmas plans with some perspective and enjoy the present after spending such a significant period of time planning and organising things for the festive season.

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3. The benefits of planning ahead

The best way to maintain organisation throughout what is a busy period is to begin planning as soon as you can. If there’s an activity that you want to do on Christmas day make sure to book your place quickly. On the other hand, if you are buying any gifts, planning ahead will allow you to budget and perhaps get some very good deals before the Christmas “sales”.

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By staying organised at Christmas, you can focus on celebrating the occasion in whatever way that you desire.

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