An interview with Miles Kane

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Miles Kane is preparing to begin his tour for upcoming new album ‘Change the Show’ released on January 21.

His UK tour begins in Brighton the following week on January 27 with support from Brooke Combe.

In an interview with Brig, the tour and album was discussed greatly.

Kane began by saying how the whole plan with this album was to have it released by the time his shows started. He explained how he had sat on this album, as a lot of time and effort went into it.

“I’ve never did that before where you start your tour as the album comes out so pretty excited, fingers crossed we can stick to it”.

Miles Kane

When asked if the album has a theme or overall message, Kane said: “Not to sound like an ego-maniac but it’s just about me. Each album is like a little postcard of where you’re at in life”.

He said how he enjoyed writing the lyrics to this album as it is a bit different to his previous releases.

He further explained: “There is a lot more imagery there and it’s as honest and as real as you can get.

“Definitely no hiding behind anything here, it’s all open and I enjoyed that very much”.

Image credit: Miles Kane on Instagram

To the four singles already out before the release, Kane said the reactions have been positive.

However, he did add that he will not know properly until he does gigs as then he will see which ones connect and which ones the crowds sing-along to most.

Kane’s song from the album that he is most excited to perform live is self-titled track ‘Change the Show’.

“I think that can be this anthemic tune, it’s a big song. It sits in with my old tunes, the big ones like ‘Come Closer’ and ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’.

“It has that sort of sing-along to it and in my head it’s the same as that so that one I’m looking forward to and seeing what the reaction is there”.

Kane produced a collaboration on this album on track ‘Nothing’s Ever Gonna Be Good Enough’ with Corinne Bailey Rae.

When asked if he enjoyed collaborations, he said: “I do, I’ve done a lot in my time.

“If it’s right and it feels good and it’s good for the song then by all means it’s something I do enjoy.

“If I do something like I have done with Corinne on this track, you’re not just getting in a famous singer to do the chorus for the sake of it so it gets on the radio or whatever”.

Image credit: Corinne Bailey Rae on Instagram

He also added: “We go back over ten years, we’re fans of each other’s tunes and I wanted to make a real special duet with her and I think we done that.

“It tells a story and it’s got both of our personalities on it and I think it’s beautiful, I’d love to go more down that road”.

The closing track ‘Adios Ta-Ra Ta-Ra’ ends with Kane singing ‘As I go…’ on a loop.

When asked if this song was meant to be symbolic as the end of the album or if there was another meaning, Kane said: “It’s a song about saying goodbye.

“It’s kind of as if I’m walking off into the sunset with the vision I had writing it, I didn’t mean for it to be the last song”.

He explained how ‘Ta-Ra Ta-Ra’ is like a Scouser’s goodbye as they say it for what feels like ages when leaving someone. He enjoyed the humour of putting that into the song.

Watch Me As I Go just means yeah I’m just off doing my own thing and I can’t be arsed with any nonsense”.

Image credit: Ian Cheek Press

Kane spoke through what decision-making can be like when creating new material as a solo artist.

He told Brig how sometimes he has phases in his life whether it be with songs or just in general where he can be so indecisive he drives himself crazy.

He added: “With this one, once I knew what songs we [him and the stage band] were doing and we recorded a couple of extras, it was quite clear to know what songs you were going to lose because these 11 are all from the same jigsaw.

“It’s the same world, it’s cohesive, they fit together lyrically and stylistically, they all definitely belong together”.

Image credit: Miles Kane on Instagram

Change the Show’ will be available on all music-streaming services on January 21.

Kane is due to perform at Glasgow’s O2 Academy on February 4.

Featured image credit: Ian Cheek Press

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