My Dessert House now open in Stirling

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Attention all chocolate addicts! If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will love the new dessert place in town.

My Dessert House opened last Friday on Upper Craigs Street in Stirling, and you can buy their treats every day from 12p.m. to 11p.m.

The shop offers a sit-in option as well as take-away and will start taking deliveries in a couple of weeks.

Credit: My Dessert House

Hasan Kavak, the owner, said the place is “more for youngsters” and has been created with students in mind to be able to study with their laptops or listen to music while drinking coffee.

“We have a nice environment for students that has a nice vibe and it’s chill,” Hasan told Brig.

Bailey Laird, a full-time employee, agreed praising the atmosphere inside.

Well, students of Stirling, you know where to go when you’re struggling with your next assignment.

Credit: Julia Adamska/Brig Newspaper

My Dessert House offers many treats, for example; milkshakes, homemade cakes or a particularly interesting option – chocolate doner kebab. For people on special diets, there are vegan ice cream or crepes.

Hasan urges everyone to try the chocolate kebab, claiming it as his personal favourite delicacy.

Credit: My Dessert House

Be sure to check out this new shop on Upper Craigs!

Featured Image Credit: My Dessert House

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