The art of crystal healing

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When times are tough, and you’re not sure where to turn, turning your focus to meditation, calm, and holistic therapies is natural. It can also be a beneficial way to heal from whatever your body, mind and soul is struggling to come to terms with. Sometimes the best way to heal, is to connect with ourselves on a deeper level to discover what it is we really need and are missing in our lives.

Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind.

Crystal healing has been around for centuries, but in recent years it has seen a huge rebirth in mainstream society. Healing crystals have a long history – from embellishing the armour of warriors to being used in shamanic rituals, crystals have been a guiding light in our world.


In the beginning, when trying to understand how crystals can help you heal, it is important to be aware of three main elements:

Vibration balancing –  the crystals we choose have the ability to transfer energy (both physical and metaphysical) and there specific molecular structure gives them a unique healing tool.

Colour healing – since ancient times, colours have been known for their healing power, and crystals are an easy way to have an organic sprinkle in your physical space, and the colours have the ability to enhance your energy and mood.

Talismanic Magic – when you decide to bring a crystal into your life to help you with a goal or specific intention such as clear quartz for compassion or Pyrite for a boost in confidence, that crystal becomes your personal talisman. All crystals can function as ‘accountability buddies’ giving helpful pushes to our subconscious in order to guide us to where we need or want to be.


Cleansing your crystals

It is important to cleanse your crystals of any negative energy they have absorbed. Rinse your crystal under look warm water, its important it’s not hot. Under a tap is fine but I like to rinse mine in a natural water source, you can add some sea salt too or burn sage to rid of unwanted negative energies. Leaving it out in the morning sunlight or the moon light can really help to cleanse anything negativity it may have absorbed.

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Choosing your crystals

Identify what you feel you are missing or need some guidance with. From their just let the crystals guide you, which ones you are drawn too, which ones do you like the feel of, your inner subconscious will help you choose what you need.

It’s also important to care for your crystals emotionally as well as physically, for the magic to work you have to mentally remove the negative energy or scepticism you may have about their abilities (which can be hard for first timers) but it is important to respect what your crystals can do for you, to help you in your healing.

What crystals can offer you

Crystal healing can offer a calm process for your healing journey – crystals are filled with their own healing abilities for the mind, body and soul. They can help us to get started with meditation and mindfulness, allowing us to reflect where we have been, accept where we are and begin to grow into where we want to be.

Incorporating crystal healing into your daily routine is a lot easier than people expect, and it isn’t daunting in the slightest (not if you are open to what crystals can bring to your life). There are many different ways to get started on your crystal healing journey and you don’t need any special training or knowledge before you start. If you want to sleep with Amethyst under your pillow, do it. If your yoga session works best with Angelite on your mat, great, whatever works best for you. Listen to your own intuition when it comes to your crystals, and trust it, it is our most valuable magic.

Here are some ideas to get you started: you can decorate your space with your crystals by placing them near your work space or sleep space, next to the light on your window sill or anywhere that you feel will help your energy in that space. Meditating with your crystals is always a positive experience as it allows you to channel the energy from your crystals into your body and mind, a tip that always works for me is placing a crystal on my heart chakra (the middle of your chest) and taking deep breathes for five minutes.

Not only does it make you feel clearer but you begin to notice sensations and tingles and more often than not it helps to release some unexpected emotions too. Also, adding crystals to your bath water gives a blissful self-care routine but be sure to use water safe crystals if doing this.


Healing Crystals

Clear quartz: white crystal is considered the master healer. It is thought to amplify energy by storing and regulating it. Physically they are said to help stimulate the immune system and valance the body. When clear crystals are paired with others such as rose quartz it enhances their ability.

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Rose quartz: pink stone is about love. It is said to help restore trust and harmony in all relationships while improving the close connection. Also known to provide comfort and calm in times of grief.

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Jasper: this is a smooth crystal that is best know as the supreme nurturer. Impowers the spirit and helps you through stressful times. Protect from negative vibes while promoting courage and confidence.

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Obsidian: intensely protective stone. Shield from physical and emotional negativity. Helps to find true sense of self by promoting clarity and compassion. Can also help to reduce pain and cramps.

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Tigers eye: in need of power or motivation boost? This is the stone for you. This golden stone helps to get rid of fear, anxiety and self-doubt. Which can be beneficial for career aspirations or matters of the heart. Also helps us to make clear concise decisions.

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Amethyst: protective, healing and purifying. Bring forth spiritual wisdom. Help promote sobriety. Sleep, aiding insomnia and understanding dreams. Can boost hormone production, cleanse blood and relieve stress and pain.

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Incorporating crystal healing into your everyday life is not for everyone but if it is for you, it really will help you on your journey to connecting with youself on a deeper level, tapping into your subconcious and finding out what your mind, body and soul truly need.

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