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Three tips to perfect a pizza on Pizza Day

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Today, February 9 is “National Pizza Day”. To celebrate the occasion, Pizza Express are giving 30% off food until February 10. Brig has three tips that can help you get the most from “National Pizza Day”.

  1. Try a more obscure topping

If you normally opt for a more traditional pizza combination, why not use today to diversify and experiment with some new toppings. If you normally select a variety of cheese, why not switch that out for some fish or peas, which is more normalised as a topping in Brazil. However, if you are struggling to think of ideas, you can use a “pizza combination generator” to devise the combination for you.

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2. Make your own

If you have ever wanted to make your own pizza, today may be a good day to try because pizza making kits are available in multiple supermarkets that may even have discounts on the products to take advantage of the trend. There are various subscription services too where you can order a pizza making kit to your door on a weekly or even monthly basis.

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3. Change the base of your pizza

Changing the base of your pizza will allow you to explore different textures. A thin crust, stuffed crust, or thick crust all allow you to be creative with ingredients and perhaps experiment with different combinations through your pizza crust without having to worry that you will ruin the entire pizza if it goes wrong.

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After reading these three tips on how to perfect a pizza, have a go and pursue your passion for pizza on National Pizza Day.

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