Former Student Union President to run in upcoming council elections

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The former President of Stirling Students Union has launched a bid to become one of Stirling’s youngest councillor. 

Amy Smith, 25, the former Union President will run in the upcoming elections in May in attempt to gain a seat in the Stirling North ward.

Smith who has lived, worked, and studied in Stirling North for the last six years has been selected by the The Scottish Green Party as their candidate for the area.

Smith was first elected as a Sabbatical Officer in 2019 where she campaigned for better financial support for students and to make the university commit to a progressive zero emissions target. 

Now, Smith aims to take her hopes for the environment and social justice to Stirling Council. 

In the previous council elections, the Green Party were only 112 votes away from winning a seat in the area.

At the upcoming elections the party see winning a seat in the Stirling North area as winnable and they also see the election being an important opportunity to increase their influence in the council.

Currently, only 29 per cent of Scotland’s Councillors are women and if Smith is elected it will make her the first person under 30 to win a seat in Stirling Council for 23 years.

Commenting on her bid to become Stirling North ward next councillor Smith said: “Having worked and studied in Stirling since 2015, I feel that I have a good understanding of what the local issues are, because I’ve experienced many of them.”

“From terrible landlords to buses that are late and overcrowded, people in Stirling need to see some real change.”

“Now that so many young people, including myself, are protesting against climate injustice, it’s time we brought this message into our local council.”

“It’s also pivotally important that young people vote in their local elections, especially in a marginal seat like Stirling North. We need students and young people to use their voice and demand a greener, fairer Stirling.”

The Stirling North ward includes: the City Centre, Raploch, Cornton, Causewayhead, University, and Riverside. 

Image credit: Christian Gamauf

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