Raith Rovers announce U-turn on controversial David Goodwillie signing

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Raith Rovers have announced a u-turn on their controversial decision to sign David Goodwillie.

The 32-year-old alongside former team mate David Robertson was found guilty of rape in a civil court in 2017.

His signing was met by outrage from the Scottish football community with Rovers seeing players, staff, sponsors and supporters all publicly distancing themselves from the club as a result.

Best-selling crime writer Val McDermid had been a long-term supporter and sponsor of the side – but has since revealed she has now cut-ties and discounted her financial backing.

McDermid welcomed the reversal as a ‘first step’ but still insisted there is a long road back in terms of undoing damage.

She said: “I welcome this (unsigned) statement from Raith Rovers.

“It’s a victory of sorts for the hundreds of people who MAKE the club who were appalled at the board’s original decision and who were not afraid to speak out.

“But it’s just the first step on a long road back.

“The same people who made the decision are still in charge.

“Those who love and value the club are still on the outside; they need to be on the inside, shaping the future for our community.”

The farce has been nothing short of a catastrophe for Rovers – who despite their u-turn – still look to have won back little in the way of support.

The club paid a fee for Goodwillie’s services, lost the valuable support of the community they represent, and will now have to pay the 32-year-old out of a mind-boggling two-and-a-half year full-time professional contract.

Many angry supporters have vowed to never return to Starks Park until the decision makers behind the move are rightfully held responsible.

Two board members have of course stepped down – but if reports are correct the ones to depart were those who voted against the signing in the first place.

The anger for many comes with the fact the key decision makers who allowed this to happen are still part of the club.

Changes within the board would be a reasonable next step behind the scenes in Kirkcaldy – but don’t be mistaken – there is still more than a long, long way to go.

Featured image credit – The Courier and BBC

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