Fubar calls for end to vaccine passports over concerns for Night-Time hospitality

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Stirling nightclub Fubar has called on MSPs to challenge the use of vaccine passports in Scotland.

In a statement shared on their Facebook page, the club said they want to: “avoid irreversible damage to the Night-Time economy, hospitality, and events industries in Scotland” caused by the “debilitating restrictions” set out by the Government.

Under current restrictions, bars, clubs, function rooms, and nightclubs are required to check the vaccine status of anyone who will be on the premises after midnight.

The vaccine passports require people to have two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

If the second dose was administered over 120 days ago, they are required to show they have had their booster jab.

You can also provide a negative PCR test if it has been taken in the last 24 hours.

Evelyn Tweed, MSP for Stirling, said: “As we ease the protections implemented to stop the spread of the Omicron variant, vaccination certification is an important tool in our armoury to continue to protect those entering high-risk settings such as nightclubs.

“The Scottish Government continues to review the measures in place, but the certification scheme ensures that the risk of transmission in high-risk settings is lower, alleviating pressure on the NHS as serious illness and death is reduced and allows businesses to remain open and trading in a safe manner.”

Fubar’s post is part of the #SaveNightLife campaign started by the Night-Time Industries Association (NTIA).

The NTIA is a Trade Association and Membership Organisation that lobbies for the Night-Time hospitality industry around the UK.

Fubar has been contacted for comment.

Feature image credit: Stirling Observer

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