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Energy drinks are notorious for being filled with artificial ingredients as well as high sugar levels which is why if you are an avid drinker you should try Tenzing.

Tenzing is a natural energy drink made purely from plants. The drink includes caffeine from green coffee beans, electrolytes from Himalayan rock salt and vitamin c from acerola.

Tenzing came about after former Red Bull marketer Huib van Bockel decided to create his own energy drink that included natural energising ingredients.

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Before starting Tenzing, the energy drink market was filled with artificial ingredients. Creating Tenzing brought about a whole new way of energising without the need for synthetic caffeine, artificial taurine and high sugar levels.

The drinks blend of natural caffeine, electrolytes and antioxidants was inspired by a traditional Nepalese recipe.

For years the Sherpa people have been drinking this blend which inspired the company name of Tenzing in honour of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay who was the first of two men to climb Mount Everest.

The recipe that inspired Tenzing was used to fuel Sherpas like Tenzing Norgay on high-altitude expeditions, not using any artificial ingredients that are in typical energy drinks today. 

With global warming also being a big issue in today’s world it is important to shop with companies who are trying to be environmentally conscious and Tenzing is one of those companies.

Tenzing is the first carbon negative energy drink in the world as well as the first soft drink to label their climate footprint on their cans.

They carbon label their products, and are the first energy drink to do so, to not only help consumers be more climate conscious when shopping but also hold them as a brand accountable for their carbon emissions.

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As well as this, they are also Rainforest Alliance certified for their green tea, B Corp certified, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free.

Tenzing cans are now popping up in more and more stores including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Holland and Barett and can be found on campus in the Atrium Co-op store.

You can purchase or subscribe for regular deliveries on Tenzing’s official site and Amazon too.

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