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Three ways to elevate your pancakes

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Whilst the date of Shrove Tuesday may change from year to year, it can be difficult to know how to maintain the simplicity of your pancakes whilst still elevating the flavours and combinations to keep things exciting and appealing. Whether you are a beginner or a pancake perfectionist, Brig has three tips to show how you can have the perfect punchy pancakes ahead of Pancake day 2022.

1) Add alcohol:
If you feel like your pancakes are lacking in flavour or are getting tired of a very similarly plain texture, why not add one or two teaspoons of gin or beer. There are a variety of ways to add alcohol to your recipe including through the syrups that you can apply to your pancakes once baked. If you are concerned that the alcohol will be overpowering, why not add it earlier in the baking process and mix it as part of the butter.

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2) Experimenting with fruit:

We have all heard of the ideas of placing some sliced banana on your pancake. However, it doesn’t have to be limited to banana , you could try some sliced pineapple or blackberries. Adding fruit to pancakes can help them feel fresher for longer and uncover some new flavour combinations.

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3) Changing the presentation:
If you have already perfected your ingredients but feel like you continue to receive the same tastes and textures accompanied by the standard pancake , why not change the way in which your pancakes are presented or shaped on the plate. Mixing up the order of the ingredients or design can fundamentally change the way in which a pancake tastes but still allows you to keep that trusted family recipe.

After reading these tips on elevating your pancake , we hope you enjoy perfecting your own pancakes for your pallet.

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