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How to eat Intuitively

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This is a guide for how to eat the right things at the right time.

Many have started a list of new year resolutions for the start of 2022. Eating healthily is a classic that comes up regularly. However, it can be hard to find your way around all the premade food and take out that is available nowadays. This is a reminder for everyone, myself included, on how to listen to your body and give it the nutrients it deserves.

  1. Be cautious of your usual eating habits

Since human beings usually eat every day, it can be easy to fall into the same eating habit all the time. But once you decide to notice what you eat it can be very helpful. If you are dedicated, you can even start a food diary or write down on your notes app what you consume for a few days. You will be surprised how often we just snack something on the side without even acknowledging it.

2. Ask yourself how you feel while and after you have eaten

Noticing what effect food has on our bodies can be interesting and very telling. Cravings are determined by tempting easy meals around us and a lot of advertisements. Finding out for yourself which foods do you good and help you feel better is super empowering.

3. Experiment with different ingredients and recipes

Our everyday lives can be full of hassle. Eating usually takes the backseat. I have noticed, however, how much food can affect your mental health. Getting out of your comfort zone and trying out new flavours can open a completely new culinary door for the normal ups and downs of life.

4. See food as part of self-care

Why is it that we cook something fancy for other people, but it is not worth it when we are alone? Showing yourself love through cooking for yourself and investing time in your health can be uplifting.

5. Be kind to yourself

It is societal that we have a certain perception of “good” and “bad” food. Explain why that is completely wrong is a topic for another article. Just keep in mind that you can’t fail in eating or self-care. Just focus on what feels right for you, and you only. If it doesn’t work out the way you want just start anew tomorrow. Every day is a new opportunity to reset. Use it.

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