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How to rule the world of Worldle

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If you have become enthralled in a game of Wordle recently, there’s an equally addictive spinoff that has now began trending on social media. Worldle has a lot in common with the original alphabet based deduction game, the biggest difference is the use of geography rather than words. If you feel like your geography knowledge is better than your spelling, here’s six tips on how to become a Worldle wizard.

  1. Understand the rules

The game which has had over 500,000 users since January, outlines the shape of a country or territory which users are then asked to try and identify. After submitting a guess, users will be informed how close the country or territory which they have selected is to the target country by both a percentage and range which is calculated in kilometres.


2. Use the continents

Remember, you have six guesses so if you are struggling to progress through the game, you should vary your guesses across the various continents. If you seem to be getting further and further away in Europe, why not switch it up and select a country or territory in Asia or Africa as your next guess. This should allow you to narrow down which continent the country is on.


3. Remember the classic Wordle code

Immediately after you submit a guess, just like in the original Wordle, the game will briefly show you whether the letters contained within the name of the country that you have selected are also contained within the name of the target country. The colour green signifies that the letter is positioned correctly within the word, and yellow whilst black illustrates that the letter is not contained within the country or territory. However, unlike the original Wordle, this information will become hidden after just a few seconds, so it is a good idea to pay attention even after you have selected your guess.

4. Take advantage of the physical image

Unlike the traditional Wordle, Worldle provides an image to help aid users with their guessing. Whilst playing the game, take advantage of the image which gives you the broad outline of the shape and scale of the country on a map. This image should help you narrow the list of countries or territories because it may give an indication about their area or borders.


5. Utilise common letter structures

As previously discussed, any guesses in this particular variant of the game will be somewhat more constrained rather than the full dictionary which is utilised in the traditional “Wordle”, you should seek to use this to your advantage and submit guesses with common letters of countries such as “AL” or “CH”. Try to avoid uncommon letters such as “Z” or “Y”.

6. Scroll the list of possible answers

If you become unsure about the correct answer and are running low on guesses, just type in a single letter and then scroll a list of possible answers. Worldle allows users to see all the possible answers if you repeat this for all 26 letters of the alphabet, so there is an opportunity to check that your answer is valid without resorting to looking online which may give away the answer! This can be particularly useful, if you are not certain what a territory is or the spelling of a country.


If you want to try Worldle , you can visit the webpage here.

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