Is a bowl of tea making a comeback?

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Is a good old British cup of tea a thing of the past? In a viral TikTok video, a user made a bowl of tea as it was easier to dip biscuits into. It gained thousands of likes and people loved the idea. The trend caught on as a prank, with it being blasted as “Too bowly! Not milky it’s flucking too bowly!” in a viral video that amassed over 300k likes. Even Yorkshire Tea caught on, dipping a whole shortbread wheel in a bowl of tea.

Yorkshire Tea on Tiktok

But many TikTok users didn’t think it too uncommon. Japanese matcha is traditionally drunk from bowls. The French drink from a bowl at breakfast time, usually tea, or coffee. Some use bowls to enjoy hot chocolate with bread or tartine to dip. In Britain, the handle may have been added to tea bowls because of the high temperature it was enjoyed at or because cups and saucers were becoming more fashionable.

While drinking tea from a bowl isn’t a new thing, it has plenty of benefits. Whether it’s savouring every sip, feeling warmth in your hands, or enjoying a large biscuit. Tea is all down to personal preference so if biscuit dipping is a priority, this micro-trend may be for you.

Featured image credit: British Museum

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