The lost art of Pinterest

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In the age of the modern social media site like Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest has seeminly taken a back seat for people. Some may say it was stuck in the 2010’s era, a millenial tool for weddings maybe, but when used correctly can be a relaxing creative outlet for anybody to use.

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it is a site where use can ‘pin’ images, videos and graphics uploaded by other users and companies onto boards on your personal page to create a scrolling moodboard. You can create as many boards as you want for different themes and follow your friends or other creators who make interesting boards too. As well as being able to search for photos and aesthetics Pinterest will help cultivate your feed and show you pins they think you’d like for your board. 

The ability to create boards for anything allow for endless potential. Most famed for outfit inspiration, recipes, travel photos and life hacks it’s developed more recently into a more personal and less stressful social media platform. It’s incredibly relaxing to simply scroll through and see the moodboards you’re creating come together.

A note should be made about using Pinterest as a form of inspiration for your life. A large aspect of Pinterest is the aestheticness of many of the photos. This leads to perpetuating an unattaibale life through a collection of snippets of other peoples lives pushed together to sell the agenda of perfection. Putting all these images in one place can be dangerous as you start to compare lives.

The most important thing to remember about using Pinterest is that real life is so much more messier but that doesn’t make it less enjoyable or beautiful. As much fun as it is to scroll through and collect photos and themes and aethetics, your life is more than a Pinterest board.

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