Rubber Chicken in World Record Production

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Sunday saw Dunblane’s Rubber Chicken Theatre set a new Guinness World Record for fastest theatre production, at the Macroberts Arts Centre.

The cast of over 200 people, some as young as 8, opened their scripts at 9.30am and just under 10 hours later raised the curtain on their performance of the hit musical, ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’.

Image Credit – Rubber Chicken Theatre

The incredible effort was overseen by Creative Director, Pamela Mackie who spoke of the scale and difficulties involved in putting together the production.

“We had just 10 hours to pull together the entire show, from learning lines, songs and choreography, to organising costumes, lighting, sound, set and props. Planet is a massive show with a lot of really complicated aspects – live video feeds, giant tentacles, roller skates, and with almost every single cast member needing a spaceship uniform, I think their team of support crew cleared every shop in a 30 mile radius of silver fabric, tablecloths, shower curtains and anything else that could be sewn up.”

Rubber Chicken Creative Director, Pamela Mackie
Image Credit – Rubber Chicken Theatre

Rubber Chicken has been in a struggle for the record for a few years now having previously broke the record of just under 12 hours with their last show before the pandemic hit. Mackie commented on how the “massive difficulties” the pandemic has caused for the arts.

She went on to say that upon hearing about “losing the title so quickly after achieving it, we decided we couldn’t just let it go.”

Image Credit – Rubber Chicken Theatre

The group have reclaimed the record from the Spanish group, Grupo de teatro Albatros, who had set a time of 11hrs 9 seconds

Who are Rubber Chicken Theatre?

Rubber Chicken Theatre are a team led by Creative Director, Pamela Mackie, who have been performing, teaching and supporting the arts throughout Dunblane for 16 years.

They work with all age groups from small children through to retired adults, and take an inclusive approach of no auditions. Their website states that the group is about “building a performing arts family, building confidence and friendships though performing arts available to all”

Rubber Chicken work with a number of local charities, organisations, and schools to “provide access” to the arts with “no barriers to participation”

The name “Rubber Chicken” comes from a drama game that Mackie ends every rehearsal and workshop with.

Image Credit – Rubber Chicken Theatre

In a statement to Brig, Macroberts Artistic Director, Julie Ellen, spoke of how “thrilled” everyone there was that Rubber Chicken had claimed the new record. Ellen went on to say, “I saw first-hand how hard they worked throughout the day and am delighted for them. The standard produced in a very short time was incredibly high”.

Image Credit – Macroberts Art Centre

Their new world record time of 9hrs 59mins 3 seconds was confirmed by Guinness World Records adjudicator, Jack Brockbank.

Featured Image Credit – Rubber Chicken Theatre

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