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Three interesting facts about toast to celebrate “National Toast Day”

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Today, February 24th 2022 is “National Toast Day”. It may be a breakfast staple for many, but here are some interesting facts that you may not be aware of as a toast to “National Toast Day”.

1. The toaster was first invented in Scotland

In Edinburgh 1893, Alan MacMasters created the first toaster. However, this was not the toasters we have come to expect in recent times because only one side of the bread could be toasted at one time.

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2. There is a world record for the fastest time to eat a single slice of toast

Anthony Falzon obtained the world record in Malta on the 30th of August 2014. Falzon managed to eat a single slice of toast in 8.47 seconds. If you think you can beat that time, you can apply to supersede the record here.

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3. “French toast” is not actually French.

Although the name might suggest it, the French phrase for “French toast” is actually “Pain perdu” and has been traced back to the beginnings of the fourth century. The “French” link with French toast is suggested to have been devised from the verb “French” which means to slice or separate something, usually protein.

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