Review: Oochya! by the Stereophonics

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Following the band’s 25th anniversary, the release of the Stereophonics’ twelfth studio album, Oochya!, has shown that they are not going anywhere soon. The 15 track album, released on March 4, has been slowly successful, becoming Radio 2’s Album of the Week, and some tracks moving up in the band’s full discography. The album has the perfect mixture of rock and soul, romance and heartbreak, and a song for every emotion. The combination of old unused songs found by the band’s frontman, Kelly Jones discovered years later and new fresh songs create a blend of the band’s past and future

Opening with a classic rock anthem, Hanging On Your Hinges, sets the tone for the album. Fun and loud, the song envisages what the band are about, and the classic rock sound. The album’s lead single, Forever, is a beautifully heartfelt song based on Jones’ experience of having a child with cancer in the early 2000s.

Do Ya Feel My Love? quickly became a fan favourite, as its emotional rock feeling shows the band’s style in a fun and fresh tone, another brilliant driving song. Right Place Right Time is a rightfully controversial song in the fan’s opinion. A four-minute sing telling the story of Jones’ life in a peaceful yet jolly beat, with an incredibly catchy chorus.

When You See It has received less fan praise, a far slower and less passionate ballad gave much to be desired by many fans. The album then moves into a romantic and feel-good tune, Close Enough to Drive Home, the perfect summer feeling driving song.

Made A Mess of Me is a fun and fast-paced addition to the album, which will definitely be played loudly at many pubs and parties in the coming months.

The album has a diverse mix of tunes, with even more ultimate driving and dancing songs such as Running Around My Brain and soulful, emotional tunes such as my personal favourite, Every Dog Has Its Day, Oochya! truly has a song for everyone.

Feature Image Credit: The Stereophonics.

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