Union Election Results 2022

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By Rebecca Kerr, Andrew Robson & Julia Adamska

The results for the Stirling Students’ Union Elections 2022 have been announced.

Three out of four full-time Sabbatical Officer roles have been filled. The elected Sabbatical Officers will hold this role from June 1 2022 to May 31 2023. Here are the results:

Union President: Tash Miller has been elected with 209 votes.

An emotional Tash Miller said: “Thank you to everyone who voted, it’s just unreal, I’m really going to remember this for a long time. Thank you to the other candidates, my friends and everyone on my campaign team. I just really can’t wait to get started. Thank you.”

Sports Union President: Murray Bushell has won with 560 votes.

Vice President Communities: Jess Reid has been elected with 494 votes.

Your newly elected Stirling Students’ Union officers (Image Credit: Andrew Robson)

Six out of fifteen part-time Executive Officer roles have been filled. Here are the results:

Housing Officer: Dante Lopez has been elected with 495 votes.

Co-Curricular Officer: Juulia Spets has won with 508 votes.

Health and Wellbeing Officer: Zoe Crosher won with 500 votes.

Mature Students Officer: Michael Sammels won with 460 votes.

Engagement Officer: Lucy Wilson won with 516 votes.

Sustainability Officer: Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez won with 499 votes.

In total, there were 782 individual voters and 5434 votes.

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Robson

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