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University to chair programme to support net zero water sector

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Today, on World Water Day, a new Scottish Hydro Nation initiative has been launched, which will be hosted by the University of Stirling.

The Hydro Nation Chair Research and Innovation Programme, which has been financed by Scottish Water through the Scottish Funding Council, wants to facilitate the coming together of academics, industry experts and local communities to build frameworks for a just transition to net zero and release the potential of new technologies.

The programme will be chaired by University of Stirling Professor Andrew Tyler who will lead a team of six research fellows from a variety of different universities, including Stirling. The team want to conduct research programmes in four areas: eliminating emissions from infrastructure, driving down process emissions, enhancing the natural environment and embracing the circular economy.

The collaboration will begin on April 18 2022 with an event on the topic of process emissions.

Image credit: University of Stirling

Commenting on the announcement, Professor Tyler said: “We are already feeling the effects of climate change through water, in flooding and drought, yet water also holds many of the solutions we need.

“How we manage Scotland’s seas, lochs, rivers and reservoirs can bolster our resilience to extreme events, restore biodiversity and increase our carbon storage – speeding up our journey to net zero.”

Professor Tyler added that water “can also help us manage our resources better, allowing us to recover energy for example, contributing to a greener, more circular economy whilst creating jobs. But for this to happen, industry, research and communities must work together”

George Ponton, Head of Research and Innovation at Scottish Water said the programme was created to bring “thought leadership and research excellence from academia in Scotland and beyond; focused on addressing the key challenges facing the water sector in Scotland.”

The Scottish Government’s environment minister Mairi McAllan described World Water Day as “an opportunity to shine a light on water and how it underpins everything we do, the wider work across the sector and how society and individuals interact with this precious resource.”

Picture of environment minister for scottish Government Mairi McAllan
Image credit: Scottish Government

Commenting on the project McAllan added that programmes such as the Hydro Nation Research and Innovation Programme “will be an important factor in helping us achieve our vision” to be the world’s first Hydro Nation.

More information can be found on the Hydro Nation chair website here.

Feature image credit: University of Stirling

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