Celebrating the T: International Transgender Day of Visibility

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Today is Trans Visibility Day and I would like to wish all non-cisgender people to celebrate it with pride.

The International Transgender Day of Visibility focuses on celebrating all transgender and non-binary people while raising awareness of the discrimination they face daily.

Trans rights have been battled for particularly hard in the past few years and it is important to note how transphobia is still affecting socio-political aspects of our everyday life. Many countries refuse to accept gender reassignment, while others go as far as to penalise being transgender with death.

Coming out is terrifying and can affect your entire life. People might refuse to call you by your real name, opting to address you by your deadname – the one you were given at birth. Just the sound of it can be bone-shattering as it sounds so painfully wrong. No one should ever have to hear that, but they do. There’s phrases out there likely every openly queer person has heard at least once in their lives. Because there’s always going to be someone believing their own ideology should have an effect on other people’s lives.

Deadnaming is harmful, cruel and wrong on so many levels. Just as misgendering is. You are making someone question their own self, you think it’s a small and insignificant thing, but can you even begin to comprehend the horrible consequences of your actions? Do not call people by the wrong pronouns. If you’re unsure – ask. There is no shame in asking someone’s pronouns. Be a trans ally and, even if you’re cisgender, share your pronouns with the world, put them in your Twitter bio. Show some solidarity with trans people on their day.

There’s a lot of typical sentences you should absolutely avoid when speaking to a trans person. However, I refuse to mention any of them in this article, even for the purpose of education. This is the day of transgender people, and I shall not say anything that could possibly trigger them.

Image credit: Guillermo Hernandez Martinez/News-Leader

To all trans people out there – you are wonderful, your pronouns are valid and I hope you’re having a splendid time. Happy International Transgender Day of Visibility!

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