Oscars 2022: Outfits we will want to remember, and those that we won’t

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It’s nearly been a week. From celebrating winning to throwing punches, Oscars 2022 was a wild ride.

It was a party to remember, not only because of historic moments but also due to the fashion choices of some of the celebrities, Carly and Julia are here to give a recap of some of the outfits that particularly stuck out – for better or for worse.

  1. Ariana DeBose
Credit: Vogue

J: “Red is punchy and so is our girl,” said Sarah Edmiston, one of Ariana DeBose’s stylists – and she was right! DeBose absolutely rocked that custom Valentino haute couture, paired with De Beers jewellery and an Omega watch. The Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino cape makes her look like royalty, and the red bralette and trousers add a nice, almost unexpected twist.

DeBose didn’t only make history with her breathtaking outfit, though! She’s also the first queer woman of colour to win an Oscar. She won her Oscar for supporting actress in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story.

C: This Oscar winner deserves another award just for the outfit. The bright red paired with beautiful jewellery really makes this actress look like a princess. The enormous cape adds an element of grandeur to Ariana that I just love.

2. Lupita Nyong’o

Credit: Vogue

J: Lupita Nyong’o was glowing at the Oscars in this gold Prada dress! Looking like the Academy Award itself; the confetti and the gold sequins scattered alone remind us of Hollywood’s biggest party of the year! Her diamond earrings don’t take any of the attention away, either. On the contrary, they are a wonderful complimentary piece that still add just the right amount of sparkle. Safe to say that Nyong’o delivered with this dress.

C:  I’m going to have to disagree with Julia on this one. I do not think this dress is very Oscar-worthy. I see where they were going with the gold, however, I do not think they have executed the idea very well. It lacks so much dimension for me and genuinely falls flat.

3. Jessica Chastain 

J: The sequined ombré Gucci gown was made for Jessica Chastain. I can’t get over how well the sequined bronze plunging neckline, especially, works with her fiery red hair! Although a small detail, it definitely contributes a lot to the style she went for that night.

Credit: Vogue

Personally, though, my favourite part of the dress is when it fades into shimmering lilac and eventually reaches the chiffon floral embellishment along the hem. The dress is somewhere between simplistic and extravagant, and it is this blend that makes it stand out even more.

C:  Gold seems to be a common occurrence at this year’s Oscars. Jessica Chastain’s dress pairs this with an ethereal purple which I love. The colours compliment each other a lot and bring out her gorgeous ginger hair. However, the frills at the bottom are really putting me off. It takes away from the glam of the Oscars and creates a more Disneyland vibe.

4. Billie Eilish

J: Contrary to popular opinion, I can’t say I was swayed by this gothic-like Gucci gown (perhaps one inspired by Mary Shelley?).

Credit: Vogue

While I like that Billie Eilish stuck with her edgy style, went full glam and stood out on the red carpet, the dress itself looks like a velvet trash bag to me. The number of layers (imagine going to the bathroom in that!) make the dress look heavy and messy, and the way it spills around one’s feet like a puddle looks super uncomfortable.

(Congratulations to Billie for winning an Oscar for Best Song, though!)

C:  I must agree with Julia here. Billie’s dress just doesn’t hit as hard as the rest. There is absolutely no depth to the dress. It’s too simple for me. I would’ve loved for Billie to have rocked something a little edgier to meet her own style more.

5. Kodi Smit-McPhee

Credit: Vogue

J: This baby-blue Bottega Veneta suit worn by Kodi Smit-McPhee is…not it. There is simply too much of the same colour – and it’s not even that pretty of a colour – that it all blends together and, overall, struggles to create any effect on me. The more I look at it, the more it feels like a slap in the face (haha – get it?).

I do feel bad about diminishing Smit-McPhee’s “outfit of dreams” this way, but if I were Timothée Chalamet, whom Smit-McPhee credited for his outfit inspiration, I would be nothing short of offended.

C: I’m not the biggest fan of this blue suit. I feel like monotone outfits only work if it’s the right shade and this is definitely not the right shade. The suit itself is nice in my opinion I just wish there was more colour or texture to it. It’s too simple.

6. Serena Williams

C: This celeb draped in Gucci has left me speechless.

Credit: Vogue

Serena Williams drops the tennis court dressed in an elegant, pink Gucci gown on the Oscars red carpet. The black floral lace flows around her shoulders and down the middle, drawing our attention to the stunning matching lace gloves which add a level of boldness to this otherwise soft look. The layering of chunky rings on the gloves just adds the right amount of chic back into the outfit.

The short on this tennis superstar pairs extremely well with the gown and is personally my favourite look for the sportswoman.

J: The combination of pink and black inspires a sense of confidence and femininity that are not unfamiliar to Serena. The shape of the dress embraces her frame ever-so perfectly! She looks stunning in it, but I think it would have been more complete with a soft necklace. 

7. Timothée Chalamet

C: Mr Chalamet is known for his out-there looks on the red carpet. From his graphic Alexander McQueen suits to his latest outfit on this year’s Oscars red carpet, he’s always looking for new ways to impress.

Credit: Vogue

Chalamet was dressed in a sequin Louis Vuitton which is actually from designer Nicolas Ghesquière’s spring 2022 womenswear collection. Although the Dune star chose a more feminine piece, he did add a masculine element with quite a few Cartier white gold rings and layered necklaces.

My favourite thing about this look is the flash of skin that really gives it a simple vibe proving that less is more.

J: I like this classy yet laid-back look, I would say that it encapsulates the kind of person Timothée is. The sparkles that differentiate the suit from the trousers are what really does it for me, though – they make him look like the night sky!

The necklaces also add a little something to this outfit, especially since Timothée decided to go shirtless this year, for some reason. Either way, though, I’m a fan of this choice of wear.

8. Kristen Stewart

C: Who else could rock this look but Best Actress nominee Kristen Stewart? Can’t think of anyone? Me either.

Credit: Vogue

The actress totally pulled off the punk princess look with the Gucci black satin short suit. Paired with her blonde messy hair, the whole look compliments each other and really pushes the risky theme the designer was going for.

For me, the best part of this outfit is the unbuttoned shirt paired with a beautiful Gucci necklace. It gives it such a cool Vivian Westwood punk vibe and pulls the entire look together.

J: It wouldn’t be Kristen Stewart if she didn’t dress all chic and cool. I like that she sticks true to her style, even when it comes to the Academy Awards. She doesn’t need a big, puffy dress to stand out and mark her presence.

9. Maggie Gyllenhaal

Credit: Vogue

C: Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress has had much potential but for some reason, it just doesn’t wow. The director came through with a custom Schiaparelli spring/summer ‘22 dress which had been created longer than the original found on the runway. The black gown with golden details went viral as it is uniquely shaped like the letter T.

Unfortunately for Maggie, her dress became subject to memes on the internet which left people in fits of laughter. Some even compared the golden ornaments at the front of the dress to something you may want to hang your coat on. However, I think we should give some credit to Maggie as she had the confidence to bring this look to the red carpet.

J: While I’m not the biggest fan of this dress, I have to say I enjoy how original it is. The shape of it, as well as the golden ornaments, are simple yet eye-catching. However, the look seems a little incomplete: maybe it would have fared better with long drop earrings.

10. Alana Haim

C: The American musician walked the red carpet in an ivory beaded long-sleeved dress. The scallop patterns that covered it were cute but just not for me. I couldn’t help but think if these patterns are found in mermaid costumes. The dress was paired with minimalistic jewellery that included diamond earrings and silver sandals.

Credit: Vogue

Personally, I think this is a bit of a silver overload and is honestly just a bit boring. I would love to have seen Alana in something a lot brighter and bolder like some of the other celebrities we have shown so far.

J: I can’t decide whether this dress is more fish scales or armour, as it seems to be a contemporary take on medieval dresses. I can’t quite pin it down, but I don’t like this dress at all. I agree with Carly that there is something missing here, some colour, maybe some jewellery. Anything to make it look a little less bland.

Featured Image Credit: Stylecaster.com

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