Why is Mike Tyson trending?

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Mike Tyson, a retired champion boxer was filmed repeatedly punching a fellow passenger on a flight according to footage released by TMZ.  

The video released on Thursday night shows a passenger sitting behind Tyson badgering him constantly, shouting at him and playing up to the person filming. Finally, Tyson loses his cool and punches the passenger in the head serval times with his friend trying to hold Tyson back. In the video you could clearly hear his friend attempting to calm him down “Hey, hey, hey, hey Mike, come on, let’s stop that”.  

The passenger was seen to have nail marks and cuts across his forehead and it was reported that he had to seek medical attention.  

Image Credit : The Telegraph

A witness of the incident stated that Tyson initially was pleasant to the passenger (perceived fan) he took a selfie with him and engaged in polite conversation. When the fan encounter was over, and the passenger continued to harass him, it was clear Tyson politely told him to stop and when he did not, the situation escalated.   

Another witness said that it was clear that the passenger was “clearly intoxicated and wouldn’t stop provoking him”.  

This is not the first time Tyson has been violent outside the ring. Tyson has been accused and, in some cases, admitted to violent behaviour throughout his life. Tyson has been open about his past that he turned to street fighting when he was young as he said it was his only way of survival. 

However, he has recently opened up about his anger issues and has stayed away from controversies in recent years. 

Despite Tyson’s actions, the majority of fans on Twitter have sided with him, saying that he was in the right and that the passenger was looking for a reaction.   

At this time the passenger has not pressed charges and Mike Tyson and his team have not released a statement. 

I think speak for everyone when I say, next time Mike, just move seats. 

Feature image credit: People Magazine

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