Morrisons and Asda reduce prices to help with cost of living

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UK supermarket chains Morrisons and Asda are reducing the prices on some of their products in order to help customers who are struggling with the cost of living.

It comes in response to inflation which reached 7% just a few weeks ago, the highest rate for three decades and energy bills are becoming more expensive.

Morrisons which has a store in Stirling, said that the deduction in cost would average at 13%, similarly, Asda has pledged that the cost of eligible items would be lowered by 12% on average.

The items which will be impacted by the price reductions differ slightly between the two supermarkets. Asda has included more than 100 essential items in its announcement including vegetables and frozen meat. Comparatively, Morrisons has included a significantly larger 500 items in its announcement such as bread and chicken

Credit: Morrisons UK

Speaking about the decision Mohin Issa, who is a co-owner of Asda said the company “are committed to doing everything we can to support our customers, colleagues and communities in these exceptionally tough times.”

Meanwhile, David Potts, who is the chief executive of Morrisons acknowledged the “real financial pressure” that customers are facing and said that the reductions in the cost of goods “will have a noticeable and long-term impact on our customers’ budgets and demonstrate our commitment to offering them the best possible value.”

Feature credit image: Asda

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